A Day at the Museum // And Other Adventures

A Day at the Museum // And Other Adventures

Well, well, well. I’ve again returned from the tight clutches of reality to my special little place on the internet, and with good reason. (Yes, I am celebrating my blog’s fifth anniversary this week, but that is not the reason for my posting.) I’ve happened to experience a day of glorious adventures, and not far from home. I do believe that I went overboard with editing these photos. Some I edited to make them look vintage, others are overedited because of poor indoor lighting. I only ask you to overlook the ones less than desirable, as they show their quality. *insert Faramir meme here*

There was a special exhibit at one of my favorite museums, one that my sister and I immediately planned to see as soon as the museum announced its arrival. I knew I had to dress vintage for the trip.

There was no particular decade to this outfit, it was a more of a mish-mash. . . pardon me, a “collection” of different decades. The dress was given to me by a friend (thanks Miss Sue) and I altered it a bit to make it appear more vintage. I’d like to think that it could fit into either the 30s, or 40s. However, some of these photos remind me of ones from the 1970s. Let’s just say, I was a time traveler that day.

You may be wondering about this special exhibit, the one I was so excited to visit. Well, first take a guess. . . hint: It rhythms with Hatharine Kepburn. I’ll give you a moment to think real hard on this one.

Did you get it? Of course, you did. Katharine Hepburn is one of my favorite actresses (pictured here with Cary Grant from the 1938 film Bringing Up Baby, which also happens to be one of my favorite movies).

I was lucky enough to be in the presence of many of Katharine Hepburn’s film costumes spanning over her entire career. Two large rooms were filled with gowns, suits, shoes, accessories, and personal items that once belonged to her. I could have spent hours in front of each display, it was captivating to be so close to history, and old Hollywood. Pictured below are just some of the many costumes in the exhibit.

Here’s her famous black gown from Adam’s Rib (1949).

Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner (1967).

The Philadelphia Story (1940), Stage Door (1937), The Little Minister (1934), and then Me (2021).

The Lion in Winter (1968), and Long Day’s Journey Into Night (1962).

Mrs. Delafield Wants to Marry (1986).

Her personal everyday shoes.

The Lake (1933) Broadway Play.

These three above are from a TV show, The Corn is Green, from 1979. A lot of the costumes were from productions I’d never seen before, like this one. My list of movies and shows to watch had doubled after leaving the museum.

Oh, yeah, there was also a Lego exhibit. . .

After the museum, my sister and I had some adventures around town.

This was right around the time when a motorcycle gang showed up. They also decided to blow out two sports car engines (sounded like literal canon fire) for five minutes straight. It was strange, hence my expression and awkward stance above. The gang also asked if I had any hand sanitizer they could use, and yes, I gave them some out of my car. They now ride around town with jackets embroidered, “The Germ-Free Angels.” No they don’t, I made up that last part.

All in all, it was a wonderful day of adventures. I hope you can set aside a day to have one just as good this week. Always have a friend with you, never forget to buy some chocolate milk on the way, and always give a motorcycle gang some hand sanitizer upon request.

Dress // gifted

Shoes // thrifted

Clutch purse // thrifted

Hairclip // gifted

Sunday Bests // Red Tie in the Morning

Sunday Bests - Red Tie in the Morning - simplymeganjoy.wordpress.com 2.JPG

Sunday Bests - Red Tie in the Morning - simplymeganjoy.wordpress.com 3

Sunday Bests - Red Tie in the Morning - simplymeganjoy.wordpress.com 5.JPG

Sunday Bests - Red Tie in the Morning - simplymeganjoy.wordpress.com 7.JPG

Sunday Bests - Red Tie in the Morning - simplymeganjoy.wordpress.com 8.JPG

When I first put this outfit together, it was missing something, and it wasn’t until I walked past my brother’s tie collection that a bell chimed in my head. A tie! That’s what this jacket needs! I threw a red one around my neck, changed my shoes and purse to match, and ran out the door for church. At a reception afterward, a dear older man said that my outfit reminded him of a retro airline stewardess! I thought that was such a nice thing to say!

This “stewardess” outfit consists of mostly things that aren’t mine! The tie is my brother’s, the shoes are my sisters, and the skirt was sewn by my mom over 30 years ago. So now you know: I’m a clothes thief! However, the blouse and jacket are mine; they were gifts found at a thrift store. So I guess this outfit is even more special considering it didn’t cost me a cent! 

To go along with my post title, I’ve decided to include the old saying:

“Red sky at night,

Sailor’s delight.

Red sky in morning,

Sailor’s warning.”

It seems like I’ve known this little saying forever. Looking up at a blazing sky was a sign that tomorrow would be a beautiful day! What I didn’t know all those years, was that this little saying comes from the Bible! In the first book of the New Testament, Jesus was talking with the Pharisees and the Sadducees (leaders of the Jewish church). In Matthew 16:2-3 it says, “He answered and said unto them, when it is evening, ye say, it will be fair weather: for the sky is red. And in the morning, it will be foul weather today: for the sky is red and lowering. O ye hypocrites, ye can discern the face of the sky; but can ye not discern the signs of the times?” KJV

In my own words, Jesus basically said, “You can know what the weather is going to be like tomorrow by looking at the sky, but you can’t figure out what is going to happen in the future by looking at the past?”

Over 2,000 years ago, Jesus said this, and it is still entirely true in today’s modern world of complex technology. Weather forecasters have all these instruments and devices to predict the weather, which they broadcast all across the country. If we are so proficient in the weather in that we can know the exact percentage of tomorrow’s precipitation, why is not everyone capable of looking at past history and learning from it? We can detect, or as Jesus says, discern, the future by looking at the past. History is forever repeating itself, so why not use our own brains to research it and use our knowledge to better the future? We each hold the brainpower to learn and to discern. I, personally, love history, though I know many people who have pledged their hearts against it. But history is not just all about dates and names. It’s about stories, great legends, and the lives of our very own ancestors!

Let’s not forget how smart we can be,

when we learn from our history!

Ok, I’m done my rant now! Until next time, faithful readers, carry on!

Sunday Bests - Red Tie in the Morning - simplymeganjoy.wordpress.com 6.JPG


skirt // made by my mom

jacket // thrifted

blouse // thrifted

tie // my brother’s

shoes // payless (my sister’s)

purse // thrifted


Do you like the little red sky saying?
Did you know that it is from the Bible?
What do you think about learning from history?

Megan Joy

1940s Red Floral Frock

1940s Red Floral Frock - simplymeganjoy.wordpress.com 10

1940s Red Floral Frock - simplymeganjoy.wordpress.com 8

I love how this dress is so World War II inspired! It feels as though it could be right out of an old 40s movie! It’s truly a gem in my vintage wardrobe!

1940s Red Floral Frock - simplymeganjoy.wordpress.com 2

1940s Red Floral Frock - simplymeganjoy.wordpress.com 6.JPG

I found this brooch at a flea market one day and decided to pair it with this dress since the roses seemed to match it perfectly. It is a replacement of an original pin I have worn with this dress, since the old one is no longer with me. We, the old pin and I, parted sadly one stormy day while I was attending a car show. There were cars ranging from the 1910s to the 1980s, all of them Buicks, driven there from all over the country and Canada. It was a lovely day as I donned this red dress and my little rose pin, until a crack of thunder had us running into the nearest building to hide from the rain until it passed. The downpour stopped briefly as we ran to our car and headed home. It was then that I realized the absence of my little pin. We turned back, threw on ponchos, and searched the entire muddy show grounds; me in my bare feet not wanting to ruin my shoes. I watched as the paths were transformed into rivers, carrying leaves and things down the way and into the storm grates below. I, still to this day, wonder where my tiny rose pin ended up. It would be nice to think that someone has found my little treasure and is taking good care of it, better than I had.

1940s Red Floral Frock - simplymeganjoy.wordpress.com 7

1940s Red Floral Frock - simplymeganjoy.wordpress.com 3

1940s Red Floral Frock - simplymeganjoy.wordpress.com 4


dress // thrifted

shoes // thrifted

purse // thrifted

brooch // thrifted


Do you like 1940s fashion?

Have you ever lost a special piece of jewelry?

Do you ever imagine what could have become of it?


Megan Joy

Stars and Stripes Forever

Happy belated Independence Day, America! Today I donned one of my patriotic outfits with a little bit of 1940s flare here and there!

Stars & Stripes Forever - simplymeganjoy.wordpress.com - 1

Stars & Stripes Forever - simplymeganjoy.wordpress.com - 2.JPG

Stars & Stripes Forever - simplymeganjoy.wordpress.com - 7.JPG

Stars & Stripes Forever - simplymeganjoy.wordpress.com - 5.JPG

This the first time I’ve successfully worn my hair in a 1940s faux bob! It’s more of a lob because it fell before I even stepped out the door, but now, after looking at the photos, I think I have figured out a better way to do it! Hopefully, you’ll see a better version of it in some upcoming posts!

I just love these little hair clips! They’re really useful and can hold a lot of hair!

Stars & Stripes Forever - simplymeganjoy.wordpress.com - 11.JPG


dress // j.c. penney

sweater // thrifted

shoes // payless (my sister’s)

belt // thrifted

hat // boscovs

hair clips // icing


Have you ever tried a faux bob?

Any ideas or tips on how to make a bob?


Megan Joy

Sunday Bests // Red, White, Blue, and Red

Hello friends! It’s the dawn of a fresh new week and time for Sunday Bests!


This outfit is so much fun to wear! It’s the first time I’ve worn it because I just finished sewing it the night before! Yes, you heard me right! I finally completed a sewing project. I say it like this because I’ve been known to start multiple sewing projects and then set them aside to finish later, which almost never happens. But this time I did it, and am so happy with the way it turned out!





The blue denim fabric was once my Great Aunt’s. When it was given to me, I knew exactly what I wanted to make – this skirt.  The entire outfit was comprised of a red hat, white sweater, blue skirt, and red shoes (hence the post title).



I used a vintage skirt pattern, added the two straps, and made them cross in the back like a 1940s school uniform.


Here are my newest shoes! They’re almost identical to my blue ones!




I ran into many problems making this skirt. I messed up the cutting three times, miscalculated the amount of fabric I had and ran out, and had to resew many pieces for the lack of noticing that the bobbin had run out of thread. But now that it’s finished and wearable, I can’t help but to be proud of it. Sewing is remarkable to me. To hold a piece of fabric and then create an article of clothing to wear is quite satisfying; almost like after finishing a painting to display on the wall, performing a hard dance step, or reaching a high vocal note in a choir. I’ve noticed that the satisfaction of accomplishing our personal goals can let us forget the hardships we confronted on our way to victory.

The many mistakes I made in the process of sewing this skirt were indeed my own fault, but I’m not sorry I continued to sew and eventually finish the skirt. I mustn’t dwell on the mistakes I’ve made, nor be forever ashamed of them. This applies to more than just sewing. We can relate it to our lives.

Dwelling on the mistakes we’ve made in the past is a sure way to dampen our daily attitude and make us feel shameful, but there is something that can free us of feeling this way! Isaiah 43:18 says “Remember ye not the former things, neither consider the things of old.” KJV. This verse tells us to stop worrying about the past and to forget about our mistakes. Now this doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t learn from our mistakes nor acknowledge them. It does mean that we should stop worrying about the things past us and look to the future. We need to remember the victories and goals that God has helped us accomplish throughout our lives.



Just like I made mistakes while sewing this skirt, I make mistakes in life. We must all choose to first learn from our mistakes, and then let them go. God is a forgiving God, and His Word tells us to be relieved of our burdens of guilt from the past. We can feel free and new. 2nd Corinthians 5:17 says “Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.” KJV



Skirt // sewn by me

Sweater // thrifted

Shoes // Old Navy (clearance)

Hat // thrifted


“Do you like sewing things to wear, too?”

“Is there a mistake from the past that is worrying you?”

“What helps you to forget the past?”


Megan Joy

Sunday Bests // The Rust Colored Garment

Hello everyone! It’s time for Sunday Bests again! I have been waiting to wear this dress ever since I found it in the Summer! I got it at a flea market for a few dollars and fell in love with the shape of the dress! It reminded me of a dress worn by Katharine Hepburn in the 1938 movie “Bringing Up Baby” (one of my favorite movies)! I was a little nervous as to how to it would look because of its odd style. It was hand-sewn by someone many decades ago and has a zipper down the front, a sort of turtle neck collar, a belt, and an odd extra bit of fabric which I think is to be worn as a tie. I left out the tie this time but will try to style it with the outfit someday!










These earrings once belonged to my Great Aunt and I just love wearing them. They’re little white roses carved out of wood and they are probably many decades older than the dress!





Here I am, staring into the sunset, which I wouldn’t recommend.

So, this is a very odd dress, but I still love it. It makes me feel like such a vintage soul! One thing that I think would be fun to have for this outfit is short hair! Again, another post where I didn’t do anything to my hair! When will I ever learn?


Dress: thrifted, flea market

Hat: Kohl’s

Shoes: Payless

Earrings: once my Great Aunt’s


Did you ever find an odd piece of clothing at a flea market?

Have you ever seen the 1938 movie “Bringing Up Baby”?


Megan Joy