1940s Red Floral Frock

1940s Red Floral Frock - simplymeganjoy.wordpress.com 10

1940s Red Floral Frock - simplymeganjoy.wordpress.com 8

I love how this dress is so World War II inspired. It feels as though it could be right out of an old 40s movie. It’s truly a gem in my vintage wardrobe.

1940s Red Floral Frock - simplymeganjoy.wordpress.com 2

1940s Red Floral Frock - simplymeganjoy.wordpress.com 6.JPG

I found this brooch at a flea market one day and decided to pair it with this dress since the roses seemed to match it perfectly. It is a replacement of an original pin I have worn with this dress, since the old one is no longer with me. We, the old pin and I, parted sadly one stormy day while I was attending a car show. There were cars ranging from the 1910s to the 1980s, all of them Buicks, driven there from all over the country and Canada. It was a lovely day as I donned this red dress and my little rose pin, until a crack of thunder had us running into the nearest building to hide from the rain until it passed. The downpour stopped briefly as we ran to our car and headed home. It was then that I realized the absence of my little pin. We turned back, threw on ponchos, and searched the entire muddy show grounds; me in my bare feet not wanting to ruin my shoes. I watched as the paths were transformed into rivers, carrying leaves and things down the way and into the storm grates below. I, still to this day, wonder where my tiny rose pin ended up. It would be nice to think that someone has found my little treasure and is taking good care of it, better than I had.

1940s Red Floral Frock - simplymeganjoy.wordpress.com 7

1940s Red Floral Frock - simplymeganjoy.wordpress.com 3


dress // thrifted

shoes // thrifted

purse // thrifted

brooch // thrifted


Do you like 1940s fashion?

Have you ever lost a special piece of jewelry?

Do you ever imagine what could have become of it?


Megan Joy

22 thoughts on “1940s Red Floral Frock

  1. Oh goodness, HOW DID YOU DO YOUR HAIR LIKE THAT? Very nicely done!
    I’ve got to do my hair in the 1940’s style tomorrow, and can’t get my hair to look right being “short”! Got any tips?

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    1. What I did was I took two hair clips and a few bobby pins. I pulled back the top half of my hair and clipped it to the top of my head, so the clip was holding my hair high on the “crown.” Then I folded the rest of my hair in half, brought to ends up to the crown of my head and wrapped it around the clip, so it looked like a mini bun on top of short hair. Then I clipped and pinned the bun in place. My hair didn’t stay put for very long with just a few bobby pins, so I would suggest using more. It’s hard to explain how I did it, and it may not be the style you were looking for, but I hope I didn’t make my explanation all confusing (which I probably did)!
      Are you going to some sort of 40s reenactment or party!? Whatever it is, it sounds exciting!
      ~ Megan Joy


  2. No, that description was fine, thanks! I’ll have to try that style sometime soon.
    I ended up giving myself two (sort of) victory rolls, then rolled my hair up and under, and stuck about a million bobbie pins in it. 😉 I was amazed that it actually survived!
    It was a reenactment of sorts. Kind of a fashion show of costumes ranging from 1845 to 1945.
    It was fun. 🙂
    ~ Megs

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    1. Oh, it sounds like your hair turned out great! And I’ve always wanted to do something that shows the fashion differences over the course of 100 years! It sounds like fun!
      P.S. You should totally have your own blog! You could do hair tutorials and vintage fashion posts and everything!
      ~ Megan Joy


  3. I absolutely love your dress! I’ve been loving vintage style lately, and you’re a big inspiration. 🙂 Also, your hair is gorgeous. I have hair that’s slightly shorter than yours (comes a little past my hips) and have been trying to do a fake bob for the longest time. I read the explanation you gave to Megs several times and now I have to try it! XD

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    1. Oh, thank you so much for your kind words! They mean so much to me! 🙂 And it’s such a happy surprise to find so many fellow kindred spirits with long hair! It’s crazy and wonderful! Thank you so much for reading!
      ~ Megan Joy


  4. I love 1940s clothes. I have a closet full of them 🙂 That dress is beautiful by the way. I am so sorry about your rose pin. I had this beautiful pair of crystal purple flower earrings that I loved. One day I went for a walk and when I got home, one of them was missing, must have just fallen out of my ear! I re-walked the route a half dozen times trying to find it, and gave up when the sun went down. I still have the other one, didn’t have the heart to throw it away!

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    1. Oh, how sad! I’m sorry, too. I know just how you feel. My sister lost some earrings, too. Well, at least you still have one earring to remember the pair by, but it’s still sad.
      ~ Megan Joy


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