First Year of Blogging + Giveaway!

1st Year of Blogging + Giveaway - 1

Guess what? This week Simply Megan Joy is celebrating its 1st year of existence anniversary! To celebrate, I’m hosting a little giveaway. Two separate winners will each receive a special Autumn-scented homemade candle!

The 1st name to be pulled out of the hat will get “Crisp Forest Leaves.”

The 2nd will be sent “Autumn Apple Pie.”

Inside each candle will be a specially designed hand-made piece of jewelry that can be retrieved once a few layers of the wax melts! All jewelry are original pieces created by an aspiring blacksmith who is in the process of starting his own business in that field. He also happens to be my brother!

To get one entry put in the hat you must:

  1. Be a follower/subscriber of Simply Megan Joy

  2. Comment on this post (just to let me know to enter your name into the hat)

(To get one extra entry, you can subscribe to my brand-new Instagram account here! Just notify me that you did this in your comment below)

That’s it! The deadline to enter is Wednesday, October 18th, 2017. The winners will be announced the following Friday. Unfortunately, I can only ship prizes within the U.S.A, so this giveaway is not available for international readers. My apologies!


Do you like autumn candles?

Which Fall candle scent is your favorite?

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to enter the giveaway!


Megan Joy

32 thoughts on “First Year of Blogging + Giveaway!

    1. Hey!! Thank you! Yes, Instagram has been great so far, but I find that I am spending way too much time on it, now! Haha! But I always love seeing photos of your little girls, although they’re not so little anymore! 😦
      ~ Megan


  1. That’s so wonderful Megan!!! And how generous and kind of you to celebrate!!! I would love to be entered! My favorite fall scent (and in general) is called Mulled Cider. It’s amazing. If you love apple spice scents, this one is the one to get. I got it at Walmart, I’m not sure if they still sell it or not, but they do make the wax melts for it too. 🙂

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  2. Congratulations on your first year of blogging! Wow, this is such a cool giveaway idea, I’d love to be a part of it! I’m off to go look for your Instagram now….. Oh and I’ve nominated you for the blogger recognition award 😁

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