Forever Summer // Ruffles and Grace Blog Party

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I’m quite excited to announce that a fellow blogger, Victoria, is having a blog party over at Ruffles and Grace! She is a feminine fashionista, seamstress, published author, sister to eight siblings, and a good old fashioned Christian gal! To celebrate, I happily agreed to do a summer fashion post.

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Along with the party, Victoria is hosting three awesome giveaways today!

Fashion Giveaway.png

The three items included in the giveaway are sold on Victoria’s Etsy page. You could be a winner and get one of these great items for free! Visit Ruffles and Grace to enter!

Giveaway items include:

·        Headbands by Ruffles and Grace

·        Wallet by Ruffles and Grace

·        A custom making of a Patsy Jean or Ella Grace Dress


Don’t forget to check out Ruffles and Grace and to enter the giveaways! Go join the party or just say hello over at her blog.


Megan Joy

Starlight Blogger Award

Starlight Blogger Award 2 - Simply Megan Joy Blog

Hello again! I’m really excited to share the Starlight Blogger Award. It is passed between bloggers who wish to inspire others and who are a light to their readers. I actually hadn’t ever heard of this award before Megan, from Invisible World nominated me! She has such an inspiring blog filled with fictional writings and is even about to begin a writing challenge called “Flash Fiction!” Go check out her blog!

For this award, the first three questions to answer are passed along with the award, and the last three questions are made up by the nominator. On to the questions:

1) If you could describe or picture your inner soul, how would you describe it?

What a difficult question! I would say that if I could describe my inner soul, the words I would use would be: old fashioned, kindred spirit, dreaming enthusiast, and just simply me.

2) What are you working on right now?

At the moment, I have a few projects going. I am in the midst of writing a Medieval novel, knitting a scarf, renovating an old chicken coop into a writing space/movie set, creating a homeschool portfolio to sum up my last year of high school, and searching for the perfect summer job.

3) What is your creative dream project?

One of my creative dream projects is to make an hour-long movie of some sort, and send it to a film contest. Two other dreams of mine are to sew the perfect 1860s ballgown and to publish at least 10 books in my lifetime.

4) What activities or places inspire you?

The activities that inspire me are; writing, walking, reading, playing a musical instrument, people watching, car rides, and baking. The places that inspire me are; windows, parks, forests, big cities, beaches, attics, and old buildings.

5) If you could go anywhere in the world for free, where would you go?

If I could go anywhere in the world for free, I think the first place I would go would be Ireland. The second place would be Japan, and the third, South Africa.

6) Has a book/movie ever moved you so deeply that you carry a piece of it with you? (You had an epiphany while reading/watching or the theme seemed to encapsulate your life.)

I love this question! The answer is definitely yes! The Anne of Green Gables books and the 1980s movies have seemed to capture my heart from the first time I saw them. I have actually memorized the opening scene of the first movie by heart, which is the reading of Lord Tennyson’s “The Lady of Shallot.” I would recite it now for you but it would take much too long. Also, Little Women, and the 1994 movie will forever dwell in a special place in my heart. Both Anne of Green Gables and Little Women are just the two most wondrous things in my mind. They can make one forget their own troubles for a little while and invest in the character’s and create an imagery full of everything lovely!

Here are the rules for this award:

1.     Thank the nominator and add a link to their blog in your post.

2.     Answer Caroline’s 3 original questions as well as the three new questions your nominator has given you.

3.     Choose your 6 favorite bloggers and notify them of their nomination! When choosing your nominees, think of “the light emanating from the stars” – the blogger who truly touches your soul with their work, the ones who are a light to you – a true Starlight Blogger.

4) Include the logo of the award in your blog post. Also, never alter the logo photo or change the three original questions.

Starlight Blogger Award 05/30/2015

The Nominees:

Ruffles and Grace

Minnie Muse


Scattered Journal Pages

Lauren’s Notebook

A Farm Girl’s Life

Questions to Answer:

Original Questions

1) If you could describe or picture your inner soul, how would you describe it?

2) What are you working on right now?

3) What is your creative dream project?

My questions for you:

4) If you were designing the perfect house, what would it look like?

5) Would you rather be inspired or be inspiring?

6) What is the most inspirational food to you?


I’d love to hear anyone’s answers to these questions in the comments!

Megan Joy

Versatile Blogger Award

Hello, all! I’ve been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award and can’t wait to nominate some great bloggers!

Versatile Blogger Award Button

I was nominated by the author of Turtledesk, who has a really fun blog filled with art, quotes, projects, and all things creative! Go check it out!

Rules for this award:

  1. Thank your nominator and share a link to their blog.
  2. Share seven fact about yourself that your readers may not know.
  3. Nominate at least 10 other bloggers and inform them about the nomination.

Seven Little-known Facts about Me


  1. love Shirley Temple movies and have nearly completed my DVD collection.
  2. despise mosquitos. They art mine enemy.
  3. love baking cupcakes.
  4. have a vintage key collection.
  5. enjoy making goals and the hard work that goes with them.
  6. look a lot like my grandmother did when she was my age.
  7. have won a few archery tournaments (mainly because I just couldn’t be defeated by a boy).

My Nominees:

Scattered Journal Pages

My Vintage Experiment

A Bare Foot Girl

The Farming Daughter

Em Petrie

Tizzie’s Tidbits

Maddy’s Digital Diary

Inside Cup

Dreaming of Guatemala

Once Upon an Ordinary


I tried to nominate those who haven’t already received this award, but if you have, you can always do it again if you wish! Have a wonderful week!


Megan Joy

Blogger Recognition Award

Hello, dear readers!

First, I’d like to thank everyone who happens to be reading today. Every single reader is a blessing to me and I’m awfully thankful that you are part of my blogging experience. Now, onto the post!

Blogger Recognition Award Simply Megan Joy Blog.png

I’ve been given the Blogger Recognition Award by Lauren from Lauren’s Notebook!

She has a beautiful and inspiring blog with posts about bullet journaling, recipes, DIYs, and lifestyle! Check out her two latest posts:

Get to Know Me: A to Z Tag

This Week’s Healthy Dinner Menu Plan

The Blogger Recognition Award is passed from blogger to blogger like a tag. Now it’s my turn to nominate some bloggers!

 I nominate:

Once Upon an Ordinary

Reflections of the Heart

The Girl Upstairs

A Barefoot Gal

Let It Shine

Marvelous Day

A Sweet N Simply Life

Lowcountry Hippie

The Farming Daughter

Let’s Be Lost

Rules for this award:

  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
  2. Write a post to show your award.
  3. Give a brief story of how your blog started.
  4. Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers.
  5. Select (up to 15) other bloggers for this award.
  6. Comment on each blog to let them know you nominated them and provide a link to the post you created.

How I started:

I began my blog 5 months ago in October of 2016. I was inspired by other vintage fashion blogs like The Boyer Sisters, and Ruffles and Grace. With my love for vintage fashion and writing, came the idea that I could put those two things together and begin a blog. So far, it has been a blessing and so enjoyable! I want God to use my blog for good, and if just one person is inspired by it, I will know that my goal has been achieved.

My Advice for New Bloggers:

  • Try to write things worth reading twice. If you have a blog, you have a voice loud enough to reach the other side of the world. Let’s use that voice to tell a story that will impact the listeners in a good way. If you were handed a microphone and set on a stage in front of 10,000 people, what would you say? Would you tell them what you had for lunch, or how you found hope in life? Now, I have nothing against ramblings and rants, for I can be accused of them both. But, I like to think that somewhere in that rambling, something meaningful will come from my posts, whether it happens in my hometown or across the world.
  • Check your spelling and grammar before you hit publish. Just like a school assignment, or an email to your boss, checking your work is necessary. It’s always a good idea to have a family member check your posts for mistakes in grammar and spelling before it goes on the internet. This way you can even say that you have a “blog editor” if you want to sound professional! P.S. if you’re ever reading a blog (including my own!) don’t be afraid to kindly let them know if you’ve found an error. They will be grateful that you pointed it out to them so that they can fix it!


Don’t forget to check out the blogs listed above if you haven’t already found them!


Megan Joy

Liebster Award Nominee!

Hey, everyone! I have been nominated for the Liebster Award by P.S. It’s Peri! She has a great blog about being homeschooled through high school. You can check it out here!

Liebster Award Logo

The Liebster Award is an award passed around from blogger to blogger. The word Liebster is German, meaning sweet, kind, nice, dear, lovely, pleasant, valued, and endearing. Here are the rules for this award.

1.   Thank your nominator and provide a link to their blog site. (Don’t forget to tell me

    when you post your answers so that I can read them!)

2.   Answer the questions presented by the nominator.

3.   Nominate several other bloggers and write them some new questions.

4.   List the rules and display the Liebster Award logo on your post.

Peri’s Questions

What’s something you’re passionate about and why?

One thing that I’m passionate about is music. It’s powerful, inspiring, encouraging, motivating, and memorable. Whether it’s a hymn, bluegrass song, jazz tune, classical composition, or movie score, all music has a purpose. As I answer these questions, I am listening to the soundtrack of “Little Women” on Spotify. It brings such joy to my heart that I can’t explain! I could never imagine a life without hearing or making music.

One weird food you like?

Hmm. . . A weird food that I like? I can’t think of anything out of the ordinary, but I do seem to be obsessed with chocolate milk. I often get a quart bottle and drink the whole thing on car rides.

Favorite part of the day?

I’d have to say that early afternoons and dusk are my two favorite times of day, especially in the summer.

Favorite holiday?

Easter is my favorite holiday for sure! It’s the time we celebrate the most important event in history, the death and resurrection of Jesus. Without this happening, Heaven couldn’t be our eternal home. Easter also comes with the springtime, which makes it all the more wonderful.

A random fact about you?

A random fact about me is that I love history. I find it so fascinating and captivating. It’s exciting to learn about the times in which my ancestors lived. I’m always dreaming of the bygone days.

My Nominees

Ruffles and Grace

A Farm Girl’s Life

Forever and Everly

A Peculiar Messenger

My Questions for the Nominees

1)      What’s your favorite tropical animal?

2)      What are two fiction books that you couldn’t live without? (For those of you who are 

           authors, preferably choose books that were written by someone else, even if yours

           are awesome!)

3)      If you had to decorate a cake, what would it look like?

4)      What is the most important thing you have accomplished in your life thus far?

5)      What are your top three movies?

6)      If you had to choose between living in the past or the future for a week, which would

          you choose? Why?


How would you answer these questions?

Anyone can comment below with their answers, too! I’d love to read them!


Megan Joy