SIY (Sew It Yourself) // Garden Dress

SIY (Sew It Yourself) - Gardening Dress 2SIY (Sew It Yourself) - Gardening Dress 5.JPG

SIY (Sew It Yourself) - Gardening Dress 7.JPG

I made this dress last summer for gardening. It was one of the easiest sewing projects I’ve ever done! The top quarter is elastic to make it stretchy, and you can find this kind of fabric at JoAnns or any fabric store for around $8 a yard, which is great because you only need 1.5 yards.

SIY (Sew It Yourself) - Gardening Dress 9.JPG

SIY (Sew It Yourself) - Gardening Dress 1

SIY (Sew It Yourself) - Gardening Dress 8.JPG

SIY (Sew It Yourself) - Gardening Dress 3

I finally weeded my flower bed that I let overgrow for too long. The weeds choked all my flowers and only one bloomed this year. That’s what happens when I don’t keep up with the weeds. But next year will be better. . . I hope!

SIY (Sew It Yourself) - Gardening Dress 10.JPG


P.S. Last week I wrote a post about my vintage key collection. I had asked if anyone could guess or count how many keys were in one of the photos and then put your answer in the comments! The winner is. . .

T.R. Noble over at Inside Cup! She guessed 68 keys and she was right!

Second place goes to Margaret from The Word, she guessed 69, just one away!

Don’t forget to check out their lovely blogs!

Keys to My Heart - A Collection - Reveal!


Do you like gardening?

Did your flower/vegetable garden do well this year?

Do you like quick and easy sewing projects, too?


Megan Joy

15 thoughts on “SIY (Sew It Yourself) // Garden Dress

  1. You’re dress is the best, and I love your hat. I have to wear hats now so they always catch my eye. I love to garden. We usually have one but the past couple of years we haven’t been able to since work has us living between 2 states. And you know, from your weeds 🙂 gardens need daily care, that we aren’t able to give due to the work situation. Ya! T.R. got it right!!! I wasn’t too far off though hahaha. God Bless you, and blessing this weekend :):)

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you! You’re right, gardens do need daily attention! That would be hard taking care of a garden if work has you traveling. Maybe next year? 🙂 You were just one key away, really close! Thanks for reading!
      ~ Megan Joy

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Why thank you! This project was simple, but I am known to mess up at least a billion times with harder projects! Most of the time I can salvage them, but there was that one skirt. . . 🙂 Thanks for reading!
      ~ Megan Joy


  2. Love your pictures Megan!!! One day I hope to get into gardening, or at least get flowers earlier in the year to enjoy them for spring and summer. 🙂 Haha, I guess going over the keys three times did help! Thanks for sharing my blog!!

    Liked by 1 person

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