My Secret Yet Not So Secret Garden

My Secret Yet Not So Secret Garden

Yes, my “secret garden” is just my weedy backyard. Yes, I can usually hear approximately seventy-five lawnmowers and three chainsaws going at once. And yes, I was swatting at bugs sixty percent of the time. But it is all tolerable . It’s still my secret yet not so secret garden, and I’m grateful for any “bit of earth” I can call my own. With all the national parks closed, I’ve felt disconnected from nature this spring. I’m so eager to run through an empty field, climb a rocky mountain, walk into some dark woods, or picnic beneath a big oak. But for now, my yard will do. And finally, on the last day of April, the April weather has arrived!

When I was switching my winter clothes to summer clothes, I came across this denim jumpsuit. I’m positive that I’ve never seen it before and have no idea how it found its way into my storage containers over the winter. It fits and I like it, so maybe I should just be happy to find it. Still, I consider it slightly strange.

And lastly, I’d like to raise a teacup of roses to Frances Hodgson Burnett for introducing me to my longtime friend, Mary Lennox. We get along pretty well now, even though she was a little unusual at first. But then, so was I… We both have a need for outdoor spaces of beauty and an obsession with old keys. Friends we are and friends we’ll stay, quietly in our own secret gardens.

“If you look the right way, you can see that the whole world is a garden.”


jumpsuit // no idea

flower crown // icing

sneakers // stolen from my sister

bag // target

hat // thrifted


Have you been able to enjoy the beautiful outdoors lately? We need all the sun we can get at present.

Which Frances Hodgson Burnett book is your favorite?


Megan Joy

SIY (Sew It Yourself) // Garden Dress

SIY (Sew It Yourself) - Gardening Dress 2SIY (Sew It Yourself) - Gardening Dress 5.JPG

SIY (Sew It Yourself) - Gardening Dress 7.JPG

I made this dress last summer for gardening. It was one of the easiest sewing projects I’ve ever done! The top quarter is elastic to make it stretchy, and you can find this kind of fabric at JoAnns or any fabric store for around $8 a yard, which is great because you only need 1.5 yards.

SIY (Sew It Yourself) - Gardening Dress 9.JPG

SIY (Sew It Yourself) - Gardening Dress 1

SIY (Sew It Yourself) - Gardening Dress 8.JPG

SIY (Sew It Yourself) - Gardening Dress 3

I finally weeded my flower bed that I let overgrow for too long. The weeds choked all my flowers and only one bloomed this year. That’s what happens when I don’t keep up with the weeds. But next year will be better. . . I hope!

SIY (Sew It Yourself) - Gardening Dress 10.JPG


P.S. Last week I wrote a post about my vintage key collection. I had asked if anyone could guess or count how many keys were in one of the photos and then put your answer in the comments! The winner is. . .

T.R. Noble over at Inside Cup! She guessed 68 keys and she was right!

Second place goes to Margaret from The Word, she guessed 69, just one away!

Don’t forget to check out their lovely blogs!

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Do you like gardening?

Did your flower/vegetable garden do well this year?

Do you like quick and easy sewing projects, too?


Megan Joy