YouTube Channels Thou Mayest Enjoy

There art many a thing in which I am interested; therefore, I have acquired a large range of different YouTube channels that I enjoy. I thought I might share some of them, this first day of twenty-twenty-two. (Happy New Year, might I add.)

Here are three categories, Fashion and Sewing, Writing, and Other. Let me know if you already follow any of these channels and tell me some of your favorite channels right now. I’d love to check them out!


I’ve been watching Lucy’s channel for a LONG time, and she always puts out something new and fun for us to watch. She lives in the Netherlands and creates videos on historical and vintage hairstyling, sewing, and beauty. They’re my absolute favorite videos to watch while I’m working on sewing projects. If you love calm and relaxing content, this is for you! Two of my favorite videos of hers are:

Rachel Maksy

Also known as the Hobbit Queen, Rachel has a personality the size of Texas (although she lives in Massachusetts). Her channel blooms with old fashion aesthetics, exciting sewing projects, and vintage beauty tutorials. She creates projects inspired by The Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Pride and Prejudice, Spiderman. . . it would take me all day to list them all. She recently bought an old farmhouse with her husband and Frodo (their dog). Here are two videos from her channel:

(Quick forewarning: this channel contains some occasional language, unfortunately.)

Karolina Zebroski

Karolina aka “Meme Mom” (from Poland) is a unique mix of vintage fashion and comedy. Between her regular videos about historical oddities, myth busting, and fashion, she films skits set in history that will definitely deliver some laughs. Although I’d have to say I disagree with a few things she says (about femininity/masculinity), her channel is still inspiring and lighthearted. Here are two videos she did that I really enjoy:

(Another occasional language warning for this channel.)


Shirin lives in Germany and has the most glorious vintage wardrobe. She recently began her own clothing line and designed four beautiful dresses inspired by the 1950s. Her favorite actress is Audrey Hepburn, and you can definitely tell from her style. Her channel is about everything Old-Hollywood and is very laid back. Here’s a wonderful video from her:

Abbie Emmons

Abbie is a published author who is passionate about helping others live out their dreams of becoming an author. She talks a lot about the psychology behind storytelling and making the stories that we write matter to the reader. I really enjoy watching her videos, they get me excited about writing. Even though I don’t usually follow the 3-act story structure, I have gotten so much advice from Abbie’s channel. She also has a writing podcast with her sister, Kate, that I listen to on Spotify while working around the barn. (P.S. Of course, every writer is different and won’t agree about everything, or what a good story is made up of, so just feel free to take the advice that you find most helpful. I personally don’t agree with what they say in their podcast about spirituality, but their passion for writing inspires me in my writing and hopefully it will for you too!) Here are two of Abbie’s videos:

Micarah Tewers

Ok, this girl is actually crazy, she said so herself. Micarah is a former homeschooler (which kind of makes sense now) from Ohio who makes historical costumes in very unusual ways, on purpose. Her sewing tutorials involve measuring fabric out in lengths of candy bars and matchbox cars, proving her point that if you want to sew but don’t know how, IT DOESN’T MATTER, YOU CAN DO IT ANYWAY! She talks lightning fast, so if utter chaos and costuming mixed together sounds interesting to you, then you might like Micarah’s channel. This video below is my absolute favorite!

Beth’s Days

This channel is relatively new, as of yet, there are five videos up. Beth lives in England and has an apartment in a gorgeous historic mansion in the countryside. Her filming skills are absolutely amazing, and every shot looks as though it came right out of a movie. They’re the most calming videos to just sit and watch with a cup of something warm, or while working on a project. They’re quite literally the opposite of Micarah’s videos, action wise.

Crow’s Eye Production

This channel has a diverse range of content. Some videos are historical hair and makeup tutorials, some are photoshoot vlogs, and some are their most popular videos “Getting Dressed In. . .” where they explain the different styles and pieces to historical attire. They also released a WW1 drama series entitled, “Tell Them of Us” which I highly enjoyed! They do a fabulous job for being such a small production company. If history and amazing historical outfits are things you love, then you’ll probably love this channel, too.

Blimey Cow

Blimey Cow is a channel my family and I have watched for over a decade. The channel was created by two homeschooled brothers (Jordan and Josh Taylor) and their friends. Now fourteen years later, they’re both married, starting families, and able to support themselves very well with their YouTube channel. Every one of their videos are extremely relatable and just plain hilarious. Satire at its finest. They have a few different series like, Messy Mondays, Jordan’s Messages, Christian Meme Review, and Brother Brother Time. Good Christian content is hard to find, yet here it is:

Let me know if you enjoyed any of these videos. It would take a long time to watch them all, so it’s completely fine just to watch the ones most interesting to you.

What have been your favorite channels lately?

If you have a YouTube channel, put the link in the comment section so we can all check it out!

Easy 30 Minute T-Shirt Revamp

Easy 30 Minute T-Shirt Re-vamp - 2

Easy 30 Minute T-Shirt Re-vamp - 11.JPG

Who doesn’t like wearing a comfortable t-shirt? Who is tired of wearing plain tees? Who is done with paying for high-priced graphic-shirts at the store? I know I am! (Is this a overloaded sales pitch or what?!)

As an alternative, I like designing and making my own tees, and I thought it would be a good thing to share on the blog. The best part is, this whole project only cost me a little under $8 to complete! This project takes about half-an-hour, so just gather your supplies, turn on your favorite 30-minute TV show, and create your new tee!

Easy 30 Minute T-Shirt Re-vamp - 3

Supplies needed: a plain v-neck t-shirt, fabric markers, a stencil, a small bit of fabric. All supplies can be found at any craft store like Michael’s, A.C. Moore, etc.

Easy 30 Minute T-Shirt Re-vamp - 1

Step 1: Lay your plain v-neck t-shirt on a flat surface.

Easy 30 Minute T-Shirt Re-vamp - 14

Step 2: Test out the marker colors on the inside of the shirt to make sure they show up how you want them to.

Easy 30 Minute T-Shirt Re-vamp - 4

Step 3: This step is very important. Take a piece of cardboard (I used the packaging from the stencils) and place it inside the shirt directly under the stencil.
This way the markers won’t soak through to the back of the shirt.

Easy 30 Minute T-Shirt Re-vamp - 5

Easy 30 Minute T-Shirt Re-vamp - 6

Step 4: Begin coloring, making sure you don’t move the stencil.

Easy 30 Minute T-Shirt Re-vamp - 7

Easy 30 Minute T-Shirt Re-vamp - 9

Step 5: Decorate the sleeves with a stencil or by hand, still using the cardboard in between the fabric layers.

Easy 30 Minute T-Shirt Re-vamp - 10


(back view)

Step 6: Whip stitch one or two strips of fabric to the neck (the fabric should be hemmed on all sides, so it doesn’t unravel in the wash).

Easy 30 Minute T-Shirt Re-vamp -

Mission Accomplished!

Easy 30 Minute T-Shirt Re-vamp - 12


Have you ever re-designed a t-shirt?

If this shirt was for sale, would you buy it?

Do you have any designing tips for my next shirt?


Megan Joy

Quote of the Week // 46th Week

Quote of the Week - 46th Week Simply Megan Joy Blog

Mark Twain, the famous American writer born in November of 1835, was known for his many novels including Tom Sawyer, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, and The Prince and the Pauper.  He was a strong supporter of civil rights and also of women’s suffrage. Twain is sometimes confused with “Colonel Sanders” because of his white hair and smart mustache, but I can assure you, Mark Twain never made a living out of fried chicken! Twain died in 1910 of heart failure and was buried in Elmira, New York.

Procrastination: “the action of delaying or postponing something.” We’ve all been guilty of procrastination. Schoolwork, chores, work assignments, cooking dinner, laundry; these are some of the many things that are easy to put off until later. To the human brain, it may sometimes seem that if we put something off long enough, we won’t have to do it. Unfortunately, this is not how it actually works. We put it off, and put it off, until it’s the last minute and we find ourselves scrambling to get it all done. It’s a pretty horrible feeling, one that I know all too well.

When we postpone something for too long, we end up rushing, not doing the job right, and sometimes not even finishing it at all. Although procrastination is much easier to choose at first, it makes things twice as hard for us later.

As Twain’s wise words suggest, the best way to get ahead is by just “starting.” If it’s something we know we have to do, we might as well get started, and the sooner it will be finished. Even if we don’t have time to finish it all in one sitting, we just have to start.

If there is something that you’ve been putting off this week, I am here to encourage you to begin today! It probably won’t be as bad as it seems. All you have to do is begin, and so I am not being hypocritical, I, myself, will also be starting something that I have been putting off. I will be working on a sewing project that is due in a week and will try my best to leave procrastination out of the picture, before it’s too late and I’m threading bobbins at 4am. . . again!


Is there something that you’ve been putting off?

Do you have any advice to eliminate procrastination?

Have you read any books by Mark Twain?


Megan Joy

Quote of the Week // 33rd Week

Quote of the Week - 33rd Week Simply Megan Joy Blog.png

This quote is from the 1985 film, “Anne of Green Gables” (my all-time favorite movies!) and also from the book. If you remember, there is a scene where Anne and her school teacher, Miss Stacey are walking along the wooded road with books in hand. As they chat, Anne comes to the conclusion that, “Tomorrow is always fresh, with no mistakes in it.” In return, knowing of Anne’s past history, Miss Stacey answers: “Well, no mistakes in it yet.”

I found Anne’s quote to be so lovely and pleasant that I hand stitched it onto a piece of fabric. It hangs on my bedroom wall and I look at it every evening.

Quote of the Week 33rd -

After it had hung there for a day, I realized something about that quote. I realized that I had made a few mistakes in the stitching. Some letters were too big, others were crooked, and some of the flowers weren’t ideally perfect. I had made some mistakes and as I thought about it, those mistakes had carried over into the next day. The mistakes didn’t just fade with the sun, they continued to be mistakes throughout the days and soon, weeks. Was Anne incorrect in her assumption?

We all make mistakes, and unfortunately, they don’t just go away when the day is done. Sometimes we have to live with the consequences of our mistakes for days, months, or even years. But while I point this out, I must also include that I believe that what Anne said is actually true! There is a way that we can start over daily, a way to put the mistakes behind us, and carry on with a fresh view. All we have to do is ask the Lord to forgive us, to heal us, and to helps us continue on the right path. Lay your mistakes at the cross and He will give you strength to endure. There is no way to live a life without making mistakes, but there is a way to leave them behind and be renewed, with His help.

Psalms 55:22a says, “Cast thy burden upon the Lord, and He shall sustain thee:” KJV

1   Peter 5:7 says, “Casting all your care upon Him; for He careth for you.” KJV


What are your thoughts on mistakes?

Do you like needlepoint/hand stitching?

Do you remember that scene from “Anne of Green Gables?”


Megan Joy

SIY (Sew It Yourself) // Garden Dress

SIY (Sew It Yourself) - Gardening Dress 2SIY (Sew It Yourself) - Gardening Dress 5.JPG

SIY (Sew It Yourself) - Gardening Dress 7.JPG

I made this dress last summer for gardening. It was one of the easiest sewing projects I’ve ever done! The top quarter is elastic to make it stretchy, and you can find this kind of fabric at JoAnns or any fabric store for around $8 a yard, which is great because you only need 1.5 yards.

SIY (Sew It Yourself) - Gardening Dress 9.JPG

SIY (Sew It Yourself) - Gardening Dress 1

SIY (Sew It Yourself) - Gardening Dress 8.JPG

SIY (Sew It Yourself) - Gardening Dress 3

I finally weeded my flower bed that I let overgrow for too long. The weeds choked all my flowers and only one bloomed this year. That’s what happens when I don’t keep up with the weeds. But next year will be better. . . I hope!

SIY (Sew It Yourself) - Gardening Dress 10.JPG


P.S. Last week I wrote a post about my vintage key collection. I had asked if anyone could guess or count how many keys were in one of the photos and then put your answer in the comments! The winner is. . .

T.R. Noble over at Inside Cup! She guessed 68 keys and she was right!

Second place goes to Margaret from The Word, she guessed 69, just one away!

Don’t forget to check out their lovely blogs!

Keys to My Heart - A Collection - Reveal!


Do you like gardening?

Did your flower/vegetable garden do well this year?

Do you like quick and easy sewing projects, too?


Megan Joy

Sunday Bests // Nifty 50s

Nifty 50s - 2.JPG

What, another polka dot post?! Yes, indeed. You can never have too many polka dots. This 1950s outfit reminds me so much of “I Love Lucy,” my all-time favorite TV show!

I Love Lucy Polka Dot Dress.jpgSource

Nifty 50s - 3.JPG

Nifty 50s - 5.JPG

My Ginger Rogers moment, dancing atop a picnic table.

Nifty 50s - 6.JPG

Last night, I whipped up a crinoline to wear underneath the dress to make it fluffy. I still have to add a few more layers of tulle to make it puffier.

Nifty 50s - 7.JPG


dress // gift from my cousin

jacket // gift

shoes // payless

clutch purse // thrifted

dress crinoline // made by me


What do you like about 50s styles?

Have you ever worn a crinoline under a skirt before?

Do you like “I Love Lucy?”


Megan Joy