Quote of the Week // 17th Week

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I just had to do an Ella Fitzgerald quote today. Tomorrow would be her 100th birthday! I’m enjoying listening to her music all this week in her remembrance.

Now, for the quote. Yes, some may think, “Oh great. It’s just your average ‘inspirational’ – ‘don’t give up’ quote!” Well, it may be just that, but recently, the message of not giving up one’s goals has been contemplated many times throughout my week. Giving up our goals and ambitions, just because someone else doesn’t see it worth the while, isn’t what we’re obligated to do. Sometimes, it’s better to block out all those “cant’s” and focus on the “cans.” Without positivity, we would get next to nothing done.

I know we all have goals, some for tomorrow, some for ten years from now, and I know that we can all have positivity in our goals, whether the goal is graduating college or replacing the roof on a chicken shed. Whatever the case, we can remember what Ella Fitzgerald said about “trying, love, and inspiration.”


Do you enjoy Ella Fitzgerald’s music?

What are your goals for the future, near or far?


Megan Joy


2 thoughts on “Quote of the Week // 17th Week

  1. Yes, I love this quote! Very relevant as a teenager who is trying to figure out what path (other than being a Christian, because i already know that with my whole heart!) to make in life!
    God bless,
    Claire Rachel<3

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