Quote of the Week // 16th Week

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Anybody recognize this? If you’ve grown up watching the original Veggietales, (not the netflex series – don’t even get me started) you’ll probably know that these are actually lyrics to a song. “Hope’s Song” was written by Phil Vischer and Tim Hodge, and sung by Rebecca St. James in An Easter Carol. This refrain is one of my favorite group of words put together. “Death will never be the end, if you just believe.” It almost seems like such a strong idea couldn’t come from a children’s cartoon. But that’s a good place to put it. Children need to know the story of Christ and what He did for them, and for all of us. It is up to us to share this story with those who don’t know it as well as we do. It is up to us to prepare what we should say when a child asks us about Jesus. We should be equipped with both scripture and bravery for when we are asked why we believe what we believe. I want to get better and better at telling others about my Heavenly Father and savior, and I want to be ready for whenever I encounter a curious mind enquiring for information about Him.

You should go check out “Hope’s Song!” – Here’s a link to listen!


Do you like Veggietales?

Have you ever seen An Easter Carol?

Are you prepared to answer curious questions about Him?


Megan Joy

6 thoughts on “Quote of the Week // 16th Week

    1. Yes!!! When the series first came out, I composed a letter to Veggietales , but couldn’t send it because they took all their mailing and email addresses off of their website! It’s sad that they don’t really care about their fans anymore.
      – Megan Joy

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      1. I’m not so sure it’s that, though the material on the show is differently lighter in messages, in my opinion. I calmed myself down with the understanding, media always grows, and adapts. Animation is the same. I own the second season of Veggietales (cause why not 🙂 ) and I do notice how, especially with the first season, it’s really blocky in appearance. But the fact that they took of emails and mailing, I have to admit, is very troubling 😦

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