My Secret Yet Not So Secret Garden

My Secret Yet Not So Secret Garden

Yes, my “secret garden” is just my weedy backyard. Yes, I can usually hear approximately seventy-five lawnmowers and three chainsaws going at once. And yes, I was swatting at bugs sixty percent of the time. But it is all tolerable . It’s still my secret yet not so secret garden, and I’m grateful for any “bit of earth” I can call my own. With all the national parks closed, I’ve felt disconnected from nature this spring. I’m so eager to run through an empty field, climb a rocky mountain, walk into some dark woods, or picnic beneath a big oak. But for now, my yard will do. And finally, on the last day of April, the April weather has arrived!

When I was switching my winter clothes to summer clothes, I came across this denim jumpsuit. I’m positive that I’ve never seen it before and have no idea how it found its way into my storage containers over the winter. It fits and I like it, so maybe I should just be happy to find it. Still, I consider it slightly strange.

And lastly, I’d like to raise a teacup of roses to Frances Hodgson Burnett for introducing me to my longtime friend, Mary Lennox. We get along pretty well now, even though she was a little unusual at first. But then, so was I… We both have a need for outdoor spaces of beauty and an obsession with old keys. Friends we are and friends we’ll stay, quietly in our own secret gardens.

“If you look the right way, you can see that the whole world is a garden.”


jumpsuit // no idea

flower crown // icing

sneakers // stolen from my sister

bag // target

hat // thrifted


Have you been able to enjoy the beautiful outdoors lately? We need all the sun we can get at present.

Which Frances Hodgson Burnett book is your favorite?


Megan Joy

Retro With a Chance of Flurries

Snow flurries! What can be better than snow flurries? Hot chocolate and a book by a warm fire, actually! But before you sip your steamy cocoa topped with marshmallows, you have to get outside and frolic in the snow a bit. So that’s exactly what I did.

With a Chance of Flurries - 5

With a Chance of Flurries - 13.JPG

With a Chance of Flurries - 2.JPG

I was very excited to finally wear the new crinoline I ordered from Lindy Bop. It works perfectly with this skirt that I made last year. They have so many color choices of crinoline, but I chose classic white. Lindy Bop has a great vintage collection. If you love dressing vintage, wish to start, or just want to try it out, Lindy Bop is a great place to shop. I do suggest collecting all the things you want in your shopping cart, and then waiting for a sale because it’s definitely on the pricey side.

With a Chance of Flurries - 11.JPG

With a Chance of Flurries - 10.JPG

My sister did my hair and added the bows. The whole day I felt like Minnie Mouse!

With a Chance of Flurries - 3.JPG

While you may see me smiling in these photos, what you are not seeing is: me shivering nearly to death, my feet frozen in the snow, my hands turning red and numb, and me yelling, “It doesn’t matter if it’s in focus! Just take the picture so we can go inside!

With a Chance of Flurries - 8.JPG

With a Chance of Flurries - 4

To match all the colors of my outfit, I wore my “I Like Ike” pin. I once wore it to the voting polls and the people in front of me thought it was funny. Comment below if you know what my pin means!

With a Chance of Flurries - 6.JPG

Besides liking Ike, I also like this little snowflake, resting on my sweater, all by itself. It reminds me of that well-known fact that no two snowflakes are alike. Out of all the times it snows, and all the millions of snowflakes that make up a storm, none seem to be the same. Yes, this little snowflake is different, it doesn’t match another, and maybe it’s a little small among the countless other flakes, but it’s still beautiful. Just like us.

With a Chance of Flurries - 1.JPG


skirt // made by me

sweater // target

shoes // old navy

crinoline // lindy bop

hair bows // (white) icing, red (christmas ornament)

pin // (i can’t remember)


How much snow did you get this week?

What do you think about snowflakes being different?

Do you know what my pin means?


Megan Joy

Easy 30 Minute T-Shirt Revamp

Easy 30 Minute T-Shirt Re-vamp - 2

Easy 30 Minute T-Shirt Re-vamp - 11.JPG

Who doesn’t like wearing a comfortable t-shirt? Who is tired of wearing plain tees? Who is done with paying for high-priced graphic-shirts at the store? I know I am! (Is this a overloaded sales pitch or what?!)

As an alternative, I like designing and making my own tees, and I thought it would be a good thing to share on the blog. The best part is, this whole project only cost me a little under $8 to complete! This project takes about half-an-hour, so just gather your supplies, turn on your favorite 30-minute TV show, and create your new tee!

Easy 30 Minute T-Shirt Re-vamp - 3

Supplies needed: a plain v-neck t-shirt, fabric markers, a stencil, a small bit of fabric. All supplies can be found at any craft store like Michael’s, A.C. Moore, etc.

Easy 30 Minute T-Shirt Re-vamp - 1

Step 1: Lay your plain v-neck t-shirt on a flat surface.

Easy 30 Minute T-Shirt Re-vamp - 14

Step 2: Test out the marker colors on the inside of the shirt to make sure they show up how you want them to.

Easy 30 Minute T-Shirt Re-vamp - 4

Step 3: This step is very important. Take a piece of cardboard (I used the packaging from the stencils) and place it inside the shirt directly under the stencil.
This way the markers won’t soak through to the back of the shirt.

Easy 30 Minute T-Shirt Re-vamp - 5

Easy 30 Minute T-Shirt Re-vamp - 6

Step 4: Begin coloring, making sure you don’t move the stencil.

Easy 30 Minute T-Shirt Re-vamp - 7

Easy 30 Minute T-Shirt Re-vamp - 9

Step 5: Decorate the sleeves with a stencil or by hand, still using the cardboard in between the fabric layers.

Easy 30 Minute T-Shirt Re-vamp - 10


(back view)

Step 6: Whip stitch one or two strips of fabric to the neck (the fabric should be hemmed on all sides, so it doesn’t unravel in the wash).

Easy 30 Minute T-Shirt Re-vamp -

Mission Accomplished!

Easy 30 Minute T-Shirt Re-vamp - 12


Have you ever re-designed a t-shirt?

If this shirt was for sale, would you buy it?

Do you have any designing tips for my next shirt?


Megan Joy

Shoe Suede Blues + Giveaway Winners!

Shoe Suede Blues + Giveaway Winners! 1

It’s time for an Autumn outfit post! If you think I mixed up the title of this post, I did, but don’t worry, it was intentional. **salute to Peter Tork**

Shoe Suede Blues + Giveaway Winners! 9

Shoe Suede Blues + Giveaway Winners! 13.jpg

Shoe Suede Blues + Giveaway Winners! 6.jpg

Shoe Suede Blues + Giveaway Winners! 8.jpg

I really love this daylily sweater. It’s warm, cozy, and comfortable; all the things a sweater should be, and considering it was only $3 at a church sale, I think it’s perfect!

Shoe Suede Blues + Giveaway Winners! 5.jpg

Shoe Suede Blues + Giveaway Winners! 10.jpg

There’s something about walking alongside a lake in the autumn time. Somewhat akin to spring, it feels serene and peaceful, though it’s not quite the same. In springtime, everything feels alive as nature finally awakens after the callous months of winter.

During autumn, the peacefulness seems to emerge from the silent and temporary death of nature. To everything there is an end. Autumn seems to signify nature’s farewell tidings, until it can return again. In the meantime, we can enjoy a walk around the lake, a bike ride down a leaf covered trail, or a car adventure getting lost in the countryside. We get to enjoy all those magical moods of autumn, particularly when surrounded by nature. So sometime this weekend, be sure to go outside and enjoy the enchanting environment that God has provided!

Shoe Suede Blues + Giveaway Winners! 2.jpg

Shoe Suede Blues + Giveaway Winners! 7.jpg


sweater // thrifted

jeans // old navy

shoes // primark

backpack // thrifted


Now, to announce the giveaway winners!

The 1st name to be pulled out of the hat will get a homemade candle, “Crisp Forest Leaves.”

The 2nd will be sent “Autumn Apple Pie.”

Both winners will receive a specially-crafted piece of jewelry with the candle! Are you ready to draw the first winner?

Shoe Suede Blues + Giveaway Winners! 14.JPG

The first winner is. . . . . . . . . .

Shoe Suede Blues + Giveaway Winners! 11.JPG

Congratulations Angela Watts, author of The Peculiar Messenger! Go check out her blog! The second winner is. . . . . . . . . . .

Shoe Suede Blues + Giveaway Winners! 12.JPG

It’s Hadassah, over at Photography Phun! Head on over to her blog and take a look!

Congratulations to both winners! If you could just email me a P.O. box or address, I will get the packages sent to you as quickly as I can! (

I’d like to say thanks to everyone who entered the giveaway! I have a feeling there will be more along the road . . .

Shoe Suede Blues + Giveaway Winners! 4.jpg

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Megan Joy