Retro With a Chance of Flurries

Snow flurries! What can be better than snow flurries? Hot chocolate and a book by a warm fire, actually! But before you sip your steamy cocoa topped with marshmallows, you have to get outside and frolic in the snow a bit. So that’s exactly what I did.

With a Chance of Flurries - 5

With a Chance of Flurries - 13.JPG

With a Chance of Flurries - 2.JPG

I was very excited to finally wear the new crinoline I ordered from Lindy Bop. It works perfectly with this skirt that I made last year. They have so many color choices of crinoline, but I chose classic white. Lindy Bop has a great vintage collection. If you love dressing vintage, wish to start, or just want to try it out, Lindy Bop is a great place to shop. I do suggest collecting all the things you want in your shopping cart, and then waiting for a sale because it’s definitely on the pricey side.

With a Chance of Flurries - 11.JPG

With a Chance of Flurries - 10.JPG

My sister did my hair and added the bows. The whole day I felt like Minnie Mouse!

With a Chance of Flurries - 3.JPG

While you may see me smiling in these photos, what you are not seeing is: me shivering nearly to death, my feet frozen in the snow, my hands turning red and numb, and me yelling, “It doesn’t matter if it’s in focus! Just take the picture so we can go inside!

With a Chance of Flurries - 8.JPG

With a Chance of Flurries - 4

To match all the colors of my outfit, I wore my “I Like Ike” pin. I once wore it to the voting polls and the people in front of me thought it was funny. Comment below if you know what my pin means!

With a Chance of Flurries - 6.JPG

Besides liking Ike, I also like this little snowflake, resting on my sweater, all by itself. It reminds me of that well-known fact that no two snowflakes are alike. Out of all the times it snows, and all the millions of snowflakes that make up a storm, none seem to be the same. Yes, this little snowflake is different, it doesn’t match another, and maybe it’s a little small among the countless other flakes, but it’s still beautiful. Just like us.

With a Chance of Flurries - 1.JPG


skirt // made by me

sweater // target

shoes // old navy

crinoline // lindy bop

hair bows // (white) icing, red (christmas ornament)

pin // (i can’t remember)


How much snow did you get this week?

What do you think about snowflakes being different?

Do you know what my pin means?


Megan Joy

22 thoughts on “Retro With a Chance of Flurries

  1. You are brave indeed to do a photo shoot in the snow! First thing I thought when I saw your photos was “brrrr.” 😉 Butyou do look amazing!! Had to laugh over the image if you in the polling place with your Eisenhower button. ☺️You are too fun!

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  2. I LOVE this outfit and your hair looks adorable!
    We got a few inches of snow here, but our yard is mostly all melted now. The kids and the dog love the snow, me not so much!

    I believe IKE was Dwight Eisenhower’s nick name and it had to do with his campaign…

    Have a great day! Can’t wait to see you at Christmas!!

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  3. I am pretty sure it was for Eisenhower, his campaign maybe, pretty sure. You outfit as always is perfect. Love the shoes!. You cracked me up with the “hurry up take the pictures it’s freezing” because I was thinking, she has got to be freezing. But the pictures are wonderful wonderland-esque.

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  4. Even as a Canadian, I get the meaning of your pin!

    We have had a fair bit of snow over the last week or so, and it has been very cold.

    When I was homeschooled my mom taught my brothers and I about Snowflake Bentley, the man who discovered snowflakes were all different shapes.

    Have a nice weekend!

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