Quote of the Week // 45th Week

Quote of the Week - 45th Week Simply Megan Joy Blog

This quote is from the 1985 movie, Anne of Green Gables. In the book, by Lucy Maud Montgomery, the words are slightly different, but the meaning is equal. In the film, Diana Barry says this in remembrance of what Gilbert once said.

I often forget this word of truth. In a world and society were being pretty is a major focus, it’s hard to remember that living isn’t all about having a flawless complexion, perfect teeth, beautiful hair, makeup, and wardrobe, and sparkling eyes.

I spend so much time, and too much time, worrying about what I look like. It seems like I’m surrounded by people who are just naturally beautiful – who look like they’re perpetually ready for a magazine photoshoot. But, for as long as I think this way, I am forgetting what Diana once reminded Anne. Being knowledgeable on the inside is quite more valuable than being pretty on the outside; because the things we do in life, whether it be school, or work, and even just daily life, will require our brains more than our looks.

Having common sense and knowledge will get us much farther in life than if our only quality is having a pretty face. If being beautiful is all we care about, we are overlooking this truth: that we don’t have to be flawless in our appearance to be beautiful, nor important. I believe that people will remember us by what we do, what we say, and what we accomplish, and not by how rosy our cheeks are.

Now, I haven’t even begun to delve into this topic, but this is just a little reminder: Let’s not fill our brains with thoughts of “I wish I were prettier,” but instead fill it with knowledge, inspiration, encouragement, and all things worthwhile. Because even beauty will fade.


Do you agree that being smart is better than being pretty?

Do you think that having common sense will be more valuable in your future than having a flawless complexion?


Megan Joy

9 thoughts on “Quote of the Week // 45th Week

  1. My mother always emphasized “smarts”… actually she emphasized it so much that it wasn’t until just before she died that I discovered that she believed I was pretty as a little girl. Funny. So I never thought much about my appearance since I always believed it was a hopeless mess anyway… ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! 😉 Call me Anne… except I didn’t dye my hair. I cut it… badly. Mom had to take me for professional intervention—a hair stylist. 😂 Seriously, though, this is an extremely wise and needed post since as women so much emphasis is placed on our appearance. Thank you for being so honest and please know that through your genuine and thoughtful writing you have truly encouraged all of the rest of us! ☺️❤️

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  2. Smart of course, and if you are kind you are pretty :):) I use to struggle with jealousy ALL the time but only where my relationship with boyfriend. I always feel happy when some one is blessed, it’s a blessing to see God bless His children. And common sense is waaaaaay more important than good skin LOL. Megan, you are beautiful, kind, love the Lord, always encouraging. I could go on and on, THOSE are the things that make up beauty. I don’t feel when we get to the pearly gates the Lord is going to say, He wanted you to look all dolled up, and if your hair had been this way or that, and you should have applied more toner LOL 😉

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    1. Haha! That’s funny! Yep, I agree with you. I don’t think the pearly gates will turn us away because of a bad hair day! You are beautiful too, just by your kindness alone! Thank you so much for reading and sharing your thoughts! 🙂
      ~ Megan Joy

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  3. I agree! Who we are inside matters so much more than how we look on the outside. Not that we should let ourselves go, haha, but when we are kind and especially when we serve others, that love we show shines through and makes us beautiful. And that is smart because that kind of beauty lasts forever. 💝

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