Sunday Bests // Winter in the Woods

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Hello friends! It’s time for Sunday Bests again, a series about my church outfits! Today consisted of 18-degree weather in my snow-covered world, mittens, thick stockings, and a new kindred spirit! First, let me show you a bit of my outfit!

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Sunday Elites Winter in the Woods Simply Megan Joy Blog 6.jpg

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Waltzing in the Wintery Woods


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I’ve been yearning to wear these wonderful garments together to church for such a long time but had to work up the courage to do so. I had once worn my actual Civil War attire to church last year because we were heading to a reenactment right after the service. Although many people had expressed how remarkable and surprising my outfit was, I also had received some odd looks, as expected! So I was a little weary of fashioning another historical outfit.

My Grandmom told me that I looked like I had stepped out of the Little House on the Prairie, which I took as a great compliment! But here was my dilemma – I planned to attend an event in town after church and was debating wearing my Laura Ingalls ensemble or a regular outfit of today’s wear, for the event. After all, I had misplaced the shirt I had wanted to wear with my prairie outfit, so I would have to wear my second choice. Nevertheless, the prairie outfit won the silent election.

After the church service, I attended the afternoon event and watched the people around me. Everyone was wearing something modern and in fashion, as I had predicted. But then something familiar caught my attention. It was a pair of shoes. They were the same style as my blue ballet shoes that I have and wore in this post.

The shoes I saw were worn by a girl my age who also wore a smile. I wanted to go tell her that I liked her shoes and that I had the same ones in blue and had just gotten them in red as well. My nerves hadn’t collected before it was time to move along. It wasn’t until she came up to me and told me that she liked my shoes that we actually spoke. She went on to say how she loved vintage fashion and was even designing her own 1920s style gown. An instant bond was secured, and I instantly gained a kindred spirit. I told her how I felt unsure about my outfit choice for the day, but she replied saying that I shouldn’t be! Just then, she had reminded me of something that I had failed to remember – that our own passions shouldn’t be disregarded just because of what others may think. My passion is vintage and historical fashion, and I shouldn’t change that for anything. If I hadn’t worn this outfit today, I probably would not have met my new friend!

Sunday Elites Winter in the Woods Simply Megan Joy Blog 5.jpg

It wasn’t just a happy accident that I made a new friend today. I believe that God placed us both there for a reason. Meeting someone who shares your own passions is so exciting! But it was more than that. It made me think of many things that I had forgotten.

Here’s a list.

  • We are each special and given a unique and personal style that no one else can claim.
  • We shouldn’t change our style, even temporarily, to satisfy someone else.
  • Even if our outfit isn’t perfect, (like me not having the right shirt) God can still use our clothing in a special way. It can open doors to friendships and opportunities, as the clothing we wear represents us and who we are.
  • Being bold and speaking with others is better than being shy and missing out on the friendships that God has provided.

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Sunday Elites Winter in the Woods Simply Megan Joy Blog 12.jpg


So to sum up this gathering of new thoughts that have flooded my mind, I leave one last note that I will always keep in my heart.

Romans 8:28 “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.” KJV


P.S. Thank you, Olivia for inspiring me to be bold and not fear what others may think! You are a very special person who has helped me in my journey, even if we only spoke for a short time!


Skirt // thrifted

Shirt // thrifted

Jacket // thrifted

Shoes // thrifted

Bag // thrifted

Mittens // Target

Stockings // Boscov’s


Would you wear this outfit?

Has God ever used your clothing choices in a special way?

 Do you think that being bold about friendships is better than being shy?


Megan Joy

3 thoughts on “Sunday Bests // Winter in the Woods

  1. I love to dress up as someone from the Civil War and go to reenactments too! I have many friends because I am bold and speak up, so being bold is the way to go. =)


  2. God has been reminding me of this scripture for the past few weeks, which is why in my blog post today it was my inspiration. I’m so grateful you found a kindred spirit like your own. 🙂 That’s wonderful!

    Liked by 1 person

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