What My Bicycle Taught Me

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The other day I went biking with my brother. It was the first warm and dry day of the week, so I was quite excited to head to the seven-mile trail with my backpack filled with water bottles, an ace bandage, and a handful of bandaids, just in case. I don’t even know where in the world we could have gotten Barbie bandaids. I have a feeling that my brother would rather bleed to death than to wear a Barbie bandaid.

The first half of the trail was rocky and covered with bumpy tree roots. The dirt path was set on a hillside with woods and a field above and a bluff and train tracks below. The best part was when I peacefully rode through the edge of the forest while listening to the soundtrack of Anne of Green Gables on my phone, which was wonderful!

The trail consisted of hills, many hills. They stretched up and down, then up, then back down again. It was scored with rocky slopes and miniature mountains. When we were at the top of a hill, we would peddle and coast all the way down in the hope that we could make it to the top of the next hill.

If we were lucky, we didn’t have to peddle at all and instead just rode up the hill with the ease that comes with momentum. Nevertheless, in many other cases, the uphill climb was just too tall and far for us to make it to the top without a struggle, even with the gears set in our benefit.

You know the feeling; your bike starts to slow down, you peddle as hard as you can and wonder if you’ll make it to the top. The wheels spin slower and slower yet you’re using all your strength and energy. Then you have to decide; should I keep on peddling or get off and push my bike up to the top? You know that the wheels are barely even moving anymore, but you still want to keep on trying and stay on that bike. It would be your last resort to surrender to the hill and give up. But when do you know when it’s time to give up? You know you can’t continue like this forever, or your bike will just tip over with a lack of movement. You must choose to keep on moving ever so slowly or give up and walk.

This story can also be related to our lives. We all have hills to climb and we all want to get to the top without a struggle, but when we begin to lose our speed, momentum, and strength, we wonder if we’ll ever make it to the top. It’s hard to know when we’ve given all that we can give, and it’s even harder to know when to quit. To get off the bike and push it up the hill may seem like a failure, to give up. But sometimes we need to say, “that’s enough,” get off the bike, and truly accept that we have given all we that can.

You can only give so much.

When we have to use up all our strength, power, and energy to peddle up that hill, eventually we can’t give anymore and our bike will slowly come to a stop and simply fall over! It’s okay to take a break and say “no more” when you’ve done all that you can do. Knowing when that time is can be difficult. How long should I keep peddling? The only person who knows that answer is you. You are allowed to get off the bike, slow down, and walk to the top. It’s not giving up hope, it’s saying no to “falling over.”

Don’t breakdown, take a break!


Do you enjoy bike riding?

Do you need to say, “that’s enough” to something in your life right now?


Megan Joy

Keys to My Heart // A Collection

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I’ve got a thing about old skeleton keys. I just love them and have to have them. My last birthday was even themed “Vintage Keys.” So along with my love of old keys comes my collection of them.


Keys to My Heart - A Collection - simplymeganjoy.wordpress.com 3.JPG

How many keys are in this picture? Comment below and the first 5 people to guess it right will get. . .umm, well, nothing. On second thought, if you guess it correctly, I will post your name and blog link (if you have one) in one of my upcoming posts!

Keys to My Heart - A Collection - simplymeganjoy.wordpress.com 4.JPG

Keys to My Heart - A Collection - simplymeganjoy.wordpress.com 7.JPG

This is a book of Lord Alfred Tennyson’s poems and short stories I found at a flea market. On page 31, is my favorite Tennyson poem, The Lady of Shallot.

Keys to My Heart - A Collection - simplymeganjoy.wordpress.com 5.JPG

Keys to My Heart - A Collection - simplymeganjoy.wordpress.com 6.JPG

This part is so beautiful, I’ve got in memorized. I love that the key looks as though it is unlocking the words.

Keys to My Heart - A Collection - simplymeganjoy.wordpress.com 8.JPG

Keys to My Heart - A Collection - simplymeganjoy.wordpress.com 16.JPG

Keys to My Heart - A Collection - simplymeganjoy.wordpress.com 14.JPG

Well, that’s the whole collection so far. Don’t forget to count the keys a few pictures above and comment below!


What things do you collect?

Do you like vintage keys?

Which work of Tennyson’s do you like best?


Megan Joy

Fourteen Years and Counting!

Fourteen and Counting Simply Magan Joy Blog.JPG

Hello friends! Today marks my 14th anniversary as a Christian. I can remember that day. It was spring 2003, and we had just moved into a new house. I was sitting under the keyboard of our 1911 upright piano, when I prayed and asked God to come into my heart. My mom prayed with me and we said, “Amen.” I opened my eyes and lifted my head. I expected to feel different, but I didn’t. I felt the same as before I closed my eyes. But why? I was now registered for eternal life in Heaven! So why didn’t I feel different?

It’s a question that has arrived to many Christians I know. Why don’t we feel different right after accepting Jesus into our hearts? I think that I can narrow the question down to two answers.

1. It’s not magic.

Once we let God into our hearts, there isn’t an automatic switch that turns on a flashing neon light above our heads that says, “Now I’m a Christian and now I’m different!” It’s not like that. It’s not a spell cast upon us to make us good in every way. Instead, the Holy Spirit enters our heart and lives there forever, helping us make the right choices. Revelation 3:20 says, “Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him. . .” This is the Holy Spirit saying that all we have to do is open the door and let God into our hearts.

2. We have to live in Christianity to notice a difference.

Living our lives for God is the only way for us to notice that we are different as Christians. We’ll see a difference in the decisions we make, the things we think, say, and do, and the even the way we dress. We can say we’re a Christian, disobey God, make bad choices, and not feel any different or we can live for Him, and absolutely know that we are different.

In my 14 years of Christianity, I noticed how I’ve changed, but it certainly wasn’t an instant change! Christianity didn’t “transform” me right then and there. I know that I made some bad choices even after that day, but it took time living as a Christian to see the change in myself.

If you’ve read this far, I hope I haven’t bored you with my mini theological rant. But today is special for me as it celebrates the years that I’ve had to gain knowledge and wisdom in Christ.

I hope that you guys have a lovely day and maybe take time to see how much you’ve changed over the years!


Did you feel the same as I did after accepting Christ?

Have you noticed a change in yourself over the years?

Are you really tired of my theological rants?


Megan Joy

A New Beginning: 2017


Wait a minute! It can’t be the end of 2016 already. It just started a few months ago, right? It seems impossible that another new year is ready and eager to take the wheel and label 2016 as history! This past year held so many events, emotions, stories, people, words, and thoughts in my life. It was a time for learning and growing, happiness and joy, and sorrow and heartache. Though I can’t truthfully say that I had continuously remembered that God was in control all 365 days in 2016, I can now look back at the year and know that He was and IS in control.

Now we must embark on a new adventure: 2017. The train has reached the station so we must step off and board the next one, with carpet bag in hand, and chin held high. With the new year, we must all change our calendars, re-train ourselves to write a different number at the end of every date and make New Year’s resolutions that we pledge to keep, when really…they usually only last a month. Yet, a new chapter of our lives must commence, whether we’re ready for it or not.

Looking beyond the unknown aspects of a new year, I find a new beginning a wonderful thing to have once a year! It’s a time to set new goals and strive to accomplish certain tasks. For me, some of those goals are learning how to crochet a hat, getting better at horseback riding, or practicing Irish dance more! This year, I have made a list of all the things I would like to accomplish before 2017 is over. I know that I won’t complete them all, but I’m okay with that.

The one thing that I would most like to accomplish this new year, is to remember that God is good, He is in control, and He knows what’s best.

2016 Simply Megan Joy Blog.jpg

See you next year in 2017!

P.S. I’ve got a special new series coming up for the new year! Check back on Monday the 2nd to see what’s in store!


Does is seem like the year just flew by to you, too?

Have you ever written the wrong date throughout the month of January because you forgot that the year had changed?

What goals have you set for 2017?



Merry Christmas!


Merry Christmas, everyone! It’s Christmas Eve and all is busy-busy – getting ready for tomorrow’s celebration! Wrapping presents and finishing the last bits of decorating always puts that excitement of my second favorite holiday in my heart. I’m so thankful for the many blessings God has given me this Christmas season to celebrate His son’s approx. 2,012 Birthday!

Every year at Christmas we read Luke, chapter 2, verses 1-20. I’ve just about memorized the whole thing by accident. Reading the history of Jesus’ birth will always be special!


Does your family have any special Christmas traditions?

Have you ever read Luke 2 and imagined what it was like for Mary or the shepherds?

Megan Joy