Sunday Bests // A Few 70s Vibes

Hello, all! Today I’ve got a quick Sunday Bests post to share!


Suday Bests - 70s Vibes - 3.JPG

Suday Bests - 70s Vibes - 2.JPG

This 1970s inspired outfit is so comfy and carefree, two things that are a must in every wardrobe. The head scarf, pumps, and long hair add a few 70s vibes.

Suday Bests - 70s Vibes - 4.JPG

Suday Bests - 70s Vibes - 5.JPG

A twirl is always fun!


skirt // thrifted

blouse // thrifted

shoes // thrifted

purse // thrifted

head scarf // thrifted


What do you think about 1970s styles?

Do you like polka dots?


Megan Joy

Sunday Bests // Ode to Jackie

Hello, again!

Today is a very 1960s day as I pull out my three-piece checkered skirt suit, pumps, and pillbox hat. This style was made famous by First Lady Jackie Kennedy, who is known for her chic outfits and hats.

Sunday Bests - Ode to Jackie - - 1.JPG

Sunday Bests - Ode to Jackie - - 2.JPG

Sunday Bests - Ode to Jackie - - 3.JPG

Sunday Bests - Ode to Jackie - - 7.JPG

Below is a photo of Jackie Kennedy sporting a white pillbox hat, pearls, sunglasses, and a checkered jacket.


Her style was very popular in the early 60s.

early 1960s styles

Sunday Bests - Ode to Jackie - - 4.JPG

Sunday Bests - Ode to Jackie - - 6.JPG

I bought this hat at church sale last fall. Someone had pushed the top up to make it rounded, so it didn’t look like a pillbox hat at all. I bought it for $4, brought it home, and later discovered that the top should be pressed in to make it look right. It was a happy surprise to find that I had bought such a classic. It was good lesson learned, that sometimes things are not at all how they seem. When we first perceive something, it’s very possible that it will turn out to be completely different than the first impression it made. This doesn’t go just for hats, either. We can apply this to pretty much everything, including people, places, and other items.

When a first impression is made, let’s remember that it may not determine the future. It may turn out to be completely different after time. We just have to be patient and see!

Sunday Bests - Ode to Jackie - - 8.JPG


skirt suit // thrifted

pillbox hat // thrifted

shoes // payless

earrings // gift

necklace // my sister’s


What do you think about the 1960s pillbox hat?

Have you had any experiences with first impressions that didn’t establish the future?

Are you enjoying your summer?

Megan Joy