Things to Love About Autumn

Things to Love About Autumn - simply 12

Autumn is in full swing here and I am excited to finally share a list of things that make the autumn-time simply delightful! Let me know if you, too, like any of these things down in the comment!


Thick-Knit Sweaters

Things to Love About Autumn - simply 13.JPG

Gloves and Mittens

Warm Hats 

Things to Love About Autumn - simply 14.JPG


Cozy Socks

Soft-Glowing Candles

Things to Love About Autumn - simply 16.JPG


Trees Changing

Things to Love About Autumn - 18.jpg

Corn Mazes

Things to Love About Autumn - simply 8.JPG

Mini Pumpkins

Things to Love About Autumn - 20.JPG

Crunchy Leaves

Things to Love About Autumn - 19.JPG

Apple Orchards

Things to Love About Autumn - 22.jpg

Forest Nature Walks

Things to Love About Autumn - 23.jpg

Pumpkin Patching

Things to Love About Autumn - 24.jpg

The Harvest Moon

Things to Love About Autumn - simply 25.jpg

Cold Trickling Streams

Things to Love About Autumn - simply 26.jpg

Crisp Winds

Bright Yellow Mums

Things to Love About Autumn - simply 27.jpg


Steamy Tea

Things to Love About Autumn - simply 1.jpg

Sweet Pumpkin Pie

Things to Love About Autumn - simply 11.jpg

Things to Love About Autumn - simply - 7.JPG

Warm Pumpkin Bread

Hot Chocolate

Things to Love About Autumn - simply 2.jpg

Homemade Soup

Things to Love About Autumn - simply 5.JPG

Buttery Dinner Biscuits

Things to Love About Autumn - simply 4.jpg

Hot Noodles and Bullion

Things to Love About Autumn - simply 3

Rich Cinnamon Buns

Warm Blueberry Muffins

Things to Love About Autumn - 21.JPG


What are your favorite things about Autumn?

Which fall food do you wish you were eating right now?

Do you have any special autumn traditions?


Megan Joy

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Quote of the Week // 34th Week

Quote of the Week - 34th Week Simply Megan Joy Blog.png

Wilma Rudolph was an Olympic gold-medalist as an American sprinter. Known as the fastest woman in the world in the 1960s, Wilma was nicknamed “The Tornado” for her running speed. In 1994, she was diagnosed with brain cancer and died later that year at age fifty-four. Ten years after her death, The U.S. Postal Service issued a series of stamps in her remembrance.

Today, America experienced something special. From coast to coast, millions of people were focused on one thing. That one thing practically stopped America in its tracks, making them pause to experience something they are likely to never see again.

The Solar Eclipse – (when the moon is directly in line with the sun, causing the shadow of the moon to fall upon the Earth, and in some areas, complete darkness in the daytime). This happens roughly every 18 months all over the world, but today, most of America was able to see it over the course of a few hours.

So what has this got to do with Wilma Rudolph’s quote above? I’m glad you asked! Well, the two things are entwined with “the Sun.” I quite agree with Wilma, that when the Sun is shining, I feel as though I could do anything; run through a field, climb a mountain, and touch the sky! The Sun can empower and motivate us to do great things! But what do we do when the Sun goes away; when the light is extinguished and we are left in darkness? What do we do when a shadow falls on our world, like when the moon stood in front of the light?

It happens to everyone. A lovely, sunny day arrives, and then something, some sort of trouble comes along and steals our light. What do we do? What should we do?

I’d love to say, “Just trust in God and He’ll fix it before you know it!”

But it’s not that easy. These “eclipses” of darkness in our lives appear out of nowhere and they don’t come with preset ending dates! They can last a day or a decade, sometimes we don’t know. So while you do have to trust God, here are some things that can help you during “a darkness eclipse.”

Prayer –

Just talking to the Lord of the universe can help us. Telling Him know how I feel and asking for strength and courage is something that always comforts me.

Reading –

The Bible was written to be read. It was given to us for a reason, so we have to read it! God can use every page and every verse to give us something, whether it be relief, strength, or peace. Reading scripture is so helpful!

Talking to others –

Confiding in those who love and support you is one of the most helpful things you could do. Having someone beside you in the darkness is always comforting, but they won’t know unless you talk to them.

Know that at some point, things can only get better –

This one sounds pretty uninspiring, but it’s true. Yes, your situation may be bad at the moment, and you may feel like you’re blind in a raging ocean, but you can always know that it could be worse, and it isn’t! A few years ago, someone in my family had a heart attack, and as I rode to the hospital in the back seat of the car, God placed eight words in my heart – “Things will get better, I promise they will.” And things did get better, eventually.

Now that I’ve realized that this post is way too long (nearly 600 words – yikes!) I will leave you with one more thing.

Romans 8:18 “For I reckon that the sufferings of this present day are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us.” KJV


Did you watch the Solar Eclipse today?

What is something you do when the darkness takes over?

Was this post too long?


Megan Joy