Quote of the Week // 31st Week

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Gilbert K. Chesterson was an English writer, poet, journalist, and theologian born in 1874. He is known to have written over 4,000 essays during his sixty-two years of living, along with multiple books and short stories.

Sometimes, it’s hard to love the unlovely. Sometimes, it seems impossible. “Why should we love someone who is so rude and impolite, anyway? Why don’t we give them what they deserve and be rude right back? Maybe it would teach them not to be rude anymore.” Umm, probably not. Here’s that good ‘ole saying, two wrongs don’t make a right! So what do you do when you encounter an unlovely person? Here’s a little story.

Last weekend, I was at a large event that involved taking a shuttle bus to and from our car which was parked in a cow field half a mile away from the event. At the end of the day, we got in line for the bus and waited for twenty minutes for it to arrive. After the people in front of us got on the bus, the driver told us that there were only five seats left, and there were six people in my group, one too many for the bus. Then the driver began auctioning the five seats off to the people behind us. “Five seats? Anybody for five?”

Then, suddenly, he noticed that there were really six seats left on the bus. “Six seats!” He called. Just as he said that, the people behind us jumped in front of us and into the bus. After seeing this, we went to the window to ask the driver why he wouldn’t let us on the bus, but instead give our seats to the people behind us. He looked straight at us, the door closed, and off went the bus, leaving us to walk the half mile in the dark to our car.

I was certainly mad that night. How could someone do something like that and think it was ok? It took me a whole day to stop being angry at the bus man. It got me thinking about loving the unlovely.

I’m sure you’ve all had an experience similar to mine, where you had to deal with an unlovely person. It’s easy to love the lovely, but hard to love the difficult, that’s a fact, and it’s probably true that the unlovely are the ones who need the most love! The question is, what are we supposed to do in these situations? Here are two Bible verses that will answer that question.

Luke 6:27-28 says, “But I say unto you which hear, love your enemies, do good to them which hate you, bless them that curse you, and pray for them which despitefully use you.” KJV

Proverbs 15: 1 “A soft answer turneth away wrath: but grievous words stir up anger.” KJV

‘Nuff said.


Have you ever been in the same kind of situation?

How do you treat unlovely people?

What do you think about the two verses?


Megan Joy

Quote of the Week // 30th Week

I can’t believe that it’s been thirty weeks since New Years! Time goes too quickly!

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William Aloysius Keane was an American cartoonist best know for his 1960s-1990s newspaper comic, The Family Circus. He was the author of nearly 90 comic books and his son Jeff Keane is still producing The Family Circus comics today.

This past week I went hiking with some of my siblings. Parts of the trail were going to be pretty rough, so I decided not to take my camera. At this time of year, nature couldn’t have been any more beautiful on the hike. Tall looming trees surrounding the trail, big round patches of deep green meadows, cliffs, gorges, and amazing wildlife made it a wonderful experience (despite getting hit in the knee with stinging nettles). At one place on the trail, there was a deep ravine to be descended and then a climb up the other side. When I got back to the top, everything was just so beautiful that I really wished I had taken my camera for the hike. If I had had it, I could have gotten some amazing footage and captured some awesome pictures. It would have been nice to have something to remember the hike by and I was very disappointed that I hadn’t brought a camera. Later down the trail, I found a patch of sparkling quartz rocks. I picked up a tiny one, dusted it off, and held it in my hand. Today I consider it a keepsake of the trail, something that will forever remind me of that hike.

I realized that I didn’t need a camera to capture every single memory of my life. Yes, it’s always great to have pictures of the great times in your life, but sometimes you just have to forget about that, stop worrying, and live in the moment. Set your mind to enjoy the present and focus on the here and now. Let your heart be content with the time at hand and appreciate the experience.

I was so focused on not bringing a camera with me that I got distracted and couldn’t appreciate what God had given me, a beautiful moment to live out. I’m glad now that I’ve learned that lesson so that I can focus on enjoying the present even without a camera, and I hope to remember that lesson for a very long time.


Have you ever read The Family Circus?

Do you like hiking?

Have you ever forgotten to live in the moment?


Megan Joy

Quote of the Week // 29th Week

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This quote is by Percy Ross, a self-made millionaire, entrepreneur, and philanthropist born in 1916. The definition of philanthropy is “the love of humanity, in the sense of caring and nourishing.” During his life-time Ross had a newspaper column and a radio program where he would give money away to those in need. Over the course of 17 years, he gave away over twenty million dollars.

His idea was that an ocean is really made from many little drops of water. Big things are just many little things put together. When I first read this quotation, one word came to my mind. That word was “effort.”

We all dream of big things. We have expectations that one day, long in the future, we will achieve those things. In the meantime, we may think that our efforts aren’t good enough to achieve our goals, that they’re too small or just not sufficient. But, it’s the little things now that will build up to that big thing later, that big dream. Yes, it may take a few or even many years for it to happen, but just like it takes drops to fill an ocean, it takes many little efforts to fulfill a dream.

We’re not wasting our time with those many little efforts; they are the building blocks that will one day form a staircase to our dreams. The little things we do now, will not be done in vain. They will help power us forward in our journeys that will lead to greater things in the future. If we ever feel like our efforts aren’t good enough, we can know that it takes many little drops to fill an ocean.


Have you ever heard of Percy Ross?

Have you ever thought that your efforts weren’t enough?


Megan Joy

Quote of the Week // 28th Week

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This quote is by Frances Hodgson Burnett, the author of “The Little Princess” and “The Secret Garden.” I love so many of her writings, and this particular quote is such a lovely one!

I’ve always wondered why there are good times and bad times. When I was little I would try to figure out what made them good or bad. We all have good times and bad. Sometimes the bad times seem to last forever, like a long storm with furious black clouds, severe flashes of lightening, and blasting thunder. But every storm must end sometime; it can’t last forever.

There are many times that can be worrying, frightening, and unforeseen, when all of a sudden, just like Mary Poppins says, “snap” . . . and something wonderful arrives! Whether it’s a big answer to our prayers or a rainbow in the sky, these things tell that God is in control. He sends us those happy times when we need them. Happy times come unexpectedly, we just have to wait for them; because no matter how bad the times we live in, we can know that there will always be a happier time to come! Just like a bad storm must always pass to reveal the sun beams, bad times will always pass to reveal good! So be on the lookout for those happy times; sometimes they come without warning and we don’t want to miss them!

Psalms 30:5b

“. . . weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning.” KJV


Did you ever think that the bad times would never end?

Was there ever a time when good times came unexpectedly?


Megan Joy

Quote of the Week // 27th Week

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Tomorrow, all of America will celebrate Independence Day! Hot dogs, fireworks, corn on the cob, family picnics, and parties will fill our day tomorrow as we remember what happened 241 years ago. In 1776, America declared freedom from Britain when the Declaration of Independence was signed in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This historical document was written by Thomas Jefferson and is the foundation of our country. The quote above was taken from the 2nd paragraph of the document and has become well known across all 50 states!

I have included this snippet from the document in honor of the fifty-six men who signed the Declaration of Independence even though their signature would have put them under persecution for rebelling against King George III.

I’m very grateful for all of those who fought for my freedom during the American Revolution and also in the years leading all the way up to today. Sometimes, I think I take my freedom for granted, and don’t realize how much of a privilege it is to be free. This Fourth of July, I want to remember how much loss was endured for my gain and to use my freedom in the best way possible!


If you live in America, how are you celebrating July Fourth!

Megan Joy


Quote of the Week // 26th Week

Quote of the Week - 26th Week Simply Megan Joy Blog

This quote was taken from a very long poem written by Alfred Lord Tennyson (1809-1892) over the course of 17 years. I enjoy reading it because of how the words flow together to create the view of an aspirationist (which is not a real word, even though it should be)!

When reading this piece, I immediately began imagining those other worlds. The ones across the ocean on long voyages, in busy towns and cities filled with people; the ones across the land in small villages and homesteads, and down long lanes and avenues. In all those worlds, it seems as though there is so much for us to do, but only little done! There are so many things to be in those worlds all around us! It’s such an inspiring way to look at those other worlds, isn’t it? The question is: What are you going to do in those worlds?


Are you fond of this quote?

What do you imagine those other worlds to be like?

Do you enjoy any other work of Tennyson?

Megan Joy

Quote of the Week // 25th Week

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Gustav Mahler was an Austrian composer from the late 1800s and early 1900s known to have stated this bit of wisdom. Being a composer himself, he believed that for some, it is easier to communicate using music than using words.

Every composer creates and has created music for a purpose, whether it’s to produce a joyous sound, a thought provoking melody, a comforting tune to those in trial, or an exciting array of notes for those of adventure! Each song is and was crafted to express a story or feeling that is hard to describe in words. If composers wished to tell their story of emotions and feeling, they could have written books. Many didn’t publish books but instead chose to write a song that would express what they wanted to say.

You know when you’re watching your favorite movie and it comes to the part where the best song begins? Don’t you get that feeling that only music can bring? Whether you feel happy, sad, excited, or scared, the music just seems to be so powerful that it can cause you to feel a certain way. That’s the power of music. It can tell us a whole story without disclosing a word. The rise of a flute, the fall of a cello, and the clash of a cymbal can express emotions and feelings; some that cannot be said in words.


Are you fond of this quote?

Do you think that music is a way of communication?

What’s a song that moves you unlike any words could?

Megan Joy

Quote of the Week // 24th Week

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A few years ago, I wrote an essay for the Farm Bureau contest in my county. The phrase I was to write about was, “Don’t cut corners.” I won the contest and was awarded a $25 Walmart gift card. I was thrilled at the accomplishment and put the certificate in my homeschool portfolio. Writing that essay helped me to remember, years later, that shortcuts usually lead to either calamity or complete disaster.

A building can’t stand without a foundation. A mathematical equation won’t come out right if you skip a step in multiplying the numbers. A wall won’t look nice if you don’t tape the trim before you paint it. These examples tell us that taking a shortcut to make a job faster and easier probably is not the wisest choice. Being diligent in our work is what God tells us to do, whether we’re doing laundry, cooking dinner, at work, or even doing homework.

If we take shortcuts, we most likely won’t do a very good job and will have to do the job over again or take extra time to fix it, causing delays in our work. Shortcuts may sound nice and easy, but can also can direct us to dilemmas. This doesn’t mean that we should purposely take the long ways of doing things. It means that you should do the job right, even if it takes much time, work, and effort, remembering that if no one sees your hard work you can still know that the Lord saw it and smiled to see that you did the job right.


Are you fond of this quote?

What do you think about cutting corners?

Was there ever a time when you took a shortcut and regretted it?


Megan Joy

Quote of the Week // 23rd Week

Quote of the Week - 23rd Week Simply Megan Joy Blog

I really like this saying because I enjoy both dancing and music. Taking these words literally, it means that dancers can choose how they’re going to dance to the music they are given. Are they going to join the crowd to fit in, or are they going to stand out by being different? However, this quote isn’t just for dancers; it’s for those who can’t always choose their own music in life. By this, I mean those whose lives aren’t one grand ball – those who can’t always be in control of choosing what comes along with the “life bundle.”

Like the quote says, “we can choose how we dance. . .” This viewpoint opens a new window for us. In each of our lives, we are given opportunities to choose how we “dance.” Are we going to follow along and do what everyone else does or will we do what God wants us to do? As Christians, the answer may seem clear in this case, but when the time arrives to make that decision, it can be difficult. Are we going to laugh at a bad word someone says when we’re with friends just to fit in? Are we going to join the group to see a horror film at the movies just to be not left out?

  • Let’s be the ones who are different!
  • Let’s be the ones who dance like the Princesses (and Princes) of the King!
  • Let’s be the ones who stand out from the rest of the world!

If we don’t, it will be hard for others to see the difference between us and the crowd.

When life plays us a song, we get to choose how we dance to it – and live our lives to it. Will you choose to go with the flow, or sail down your own stream with a smile, ready to explain what makes you so different when asked?

“But sanctify the Lord God in your heart: and be ye ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear:” 1st Peter 3:15 KJV

“And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.” Romans 12:2 KJV


Are you fond of this quote?

Do you love to dance?

What is something that we could do differently in life that would make us stand out for Him?

Megan Joy

Quote of the Week // 22nd Week

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It’s that time of year when things are changing in our lives. For me, a milestone I’ve so dearly waited for has passed. I have celebrated my last year of high school and have graduated into the future. I can’t help but to feel a little sad that those times have gone so quickly. A few of my life goals have been accomplished and I am left to start over and commence filling up new goals.

The quote above is known to belong to Dr. Seuss and is a happy thought to remember when something we have looked forward to is fulfilled. I want to choose to be happy about achieving my goals and not spend my time being gloomy that those times are over. I can be happy that God has filled the last twelve years of my education with so many life experiences, love, and care.

So, if a stage in your life has ended and you must move onto the next, let’s be thankful for what God has given us during that stage, and look to our upcoming stage with a smile; because God won’t let us go on to that stage of life without the tools and knowledge we need. He has loved and protected us in the past and He will do the same in our next steps of life, even if we don’t know where those steps will lead us!

Isaiah 40:31 – “But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.”  KJV


Are you fond of this quote?

Have you just completed a stage in your life and have begun another?

Are you sad that it’s over, happy that it happened, or both?

Megan Joy