Quote of the Week // 39th Week

Quote of the Week - 39th Week Simply Megan Joy Blog

George Gordon Byron, more commonly known as “Lord Byron” was born in 1788. He was a poet and politician, most famous for his 1819 narrative poem, “Don Juan.” He fell ill just before planning to attack the fortress of Lepanto, Greece in 1824 and died a few months later.

Laughter is like a magical antidote that has the power of medicine. It can temporarily set aside our worries and trouble and can even change our mood and the way we think. Laughter is massively powerful! Maybe that’s why there are so many sit-coms and comical movies out there. Laughter is contagious, but also a cure.

Being grumpy all the time will make it nearly impossible for us to be happy. If we have a chance to be happy, yet choose to be grumpy, we’re neither doing ourselves any favors, nor the people around us. We all fall into that ditch of being grumpy for no good reason sometimes, but luckily there is a cure. It is, like Byron says, cheap and easy to find. It’s laughter, of course, the funniest medicine of all time. Feeling down means that it’s time to bring out the laughs and get your mind into a different place. Watch your favorite show, try to remember that funny thing that happened last summer, surround yourself with friends who can always get you to laugh.

When you have the chance to laugh, grab it, and use it like medicine to mend the hollows of everyday life. Choose to laugh whenever you can.

Proverbs 17:22a – “A merry heart doeth good like a medicine:” KJV


Do you believe that laughter can be used as a medicine?

When was the last time laughter made you feel better?


Megan Joy

9 thoughts on “Quote of the Week // 39th Week

  1. Love this! There IS something about laughter that brings us back to good humor. We live in such a serious, fault-finding world right now so we need more smiles and laughter. Plus it’s contagious as you pointed out so when we laugh others around us can’t help smiling or laughing also. Win-win!

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