Quote of Week // 37th Week

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Albert Einstein, arguably one of the most intelligent humans in history, was born in Germany, 1879. Famous for his many scientific works, including gravitation in physics, gravitational waves, the photoelectric effect, and his mass-energy equivalence formula. As a child, Einstein’s parents thought that he was actually very dumb, not realizing that his strange behaviors were triggered by his extraordinary amount of intellect.

This quote is Einstein’s personal view of intelligence. He believed that imagination is more significant than knowledge. Think about it: you could have all the knowledge in the world and you could know everything there is to know; but without an imagination, what would you do with all the knowledge? You could store it all in your brain and never use it, I guess, but that wouldn’t do any good. Without an imagination in which to utilize that knowledge, you aren’t able to carry out that knowledge much further than your own brain.

Now, I consider Einstein’s quote to be true, yet I would like to emphasize that imagination would not be useful without some knowledge. Imagination and knowledge work together to create wonderful things and ideas. They’re both very important and you really can’t have one without the other.

I find all this very interesting myself. Thinking about our minds and how they work reminds me just how complicated our brains were made. How each piece of our mind was placed for a reason is just amazing, especially to know that each of our minds are individually special and unique. It shows us how powerful God is, and how much he thinks about us. He gave us each a mind to think on our own and an imagination to use. He gave us the ability to think and imagine, and to gain (and retain) knowledge. I consider it truly remarkable how highly God thinks of us, that He would give us something so special as the imagination. You quite literally can’t imagine a world without it!


What do you think about Einstein’s theory on knowledge and imagination?

Which do you think is more important: knowledge or imagination?


Megan Joy

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