Quote of the Week // 32nd Week

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William Tecumseh Sherman was a Union General in the Civil War born in 1820. He is known for his outstanding command of military strategy and in his later life, wrote a memoir which is considered one of the best depictions of the war today.

Some say that fear is the opposite of courage. They say that having courage means that you can no longer be afraid, making it seem as though facing your fears means that you must cast out all fear. However, this doesn’t seem all that logical. In many ways, it is heathy to fear. To fear lightening when out in a field is a good thing. To fear a poisonous spider is also a good thing. Sometimes, fear is just called “smarts!”

I think that William Sherman summed it up quite nicely in one quote. After all, he had many first-hand experiences of fear and courage while serving in the war. He explains that having courage means being aware of the amount of danger ahead and being willing to endure it. I consider this a helpful way to think about fear and courage. Fear is not always a bad thing, and sometimes it even helps us! We needn’t be ashamed of fearing things that should be feared. What makes us brave is knowing the fear and enduring it anyway.


What do you think about fear and courage?


Megan Joy

11 thoughts on “Quote of the Week // 32nd Week

  1. So true, fear is good sometimes like in the examples of lightening in a field, poisonous spiders. I think the key is to have the courage, and faith to believe that God will be there, and take care of us, no matter what situation we find ourselves, and not let the fear consume us.

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    1. You’re so right! Before I posted this, I thought that I should add basically what you said, and then I forgot! So thanks for commenting these wise words! 🙂 You’ve summed it up well! Thanks for reading!
      ~ Megan Joy

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