Quote of the Week // 29th Week

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This quote is by Percy Ross, a self-made millionaire, entrepreneur, and philanthropist born in 1916. The definition of philanthropy is “the love of humanity, in the sense of caring and nourishing.” During his life-time Ross had a newspaper column and a radio program where he would give money away to those in need. Over the course of 17 years, he gave away over twenty million dollars.

His idea was that an ocean is really made from many little drops of water. Big things are just many little things put together. When I first read this quotation, one word came to my mind. That word was “effort.”

We all dream of big things. We have expectations that one day, long in the future, we will achieve those things. In the meantime, we may think that our efforts aren’t good enough to achieve our goals, that they’re too small or just not sufficient. But, it’s the little things now that will build up to that big thing later, that big dream. Yes, it may take a few or even many years for it to happen, but just like it takes drops to fill an ocean, it takes many little efforts to fulfill a dream.

We’re not wasting our time with those many little efforts; they are the building blocks that will one day form a staircase to our dreams. The little things we do now, will not be done in vain. They will help power us forward in our journeys that will lead to greater things in the future. If we ever feel like our efforts aren’t good enough, we can know that it takes many little drops to fill an ocean.


Have you ever heard of Percy Ross?

Have you ever thought that your efforts weren’t enough?


Megan Joy

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