Quote of the Week // 27th Week

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Tomorrow, all of America will celebrate Independence Day! Hot dogs, fireworks, corn on the cob, family picnics, and parties will fill our day as we remember what happened 241 years ago. In 1776, America declared freedom from Britain when the Declaration of Independence was signed in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This historical document was written by Thomas Jefferson and is the foundation of our country. The quote above was taken from the 2nd paragraph of the document.

I have included this snippet from the document in honor of the fifty-six men who signed the Declaration of Independence even though their signature would have put them under persecution for rebelling against King George III.

I’m very grateful for all of those who fought for my freedom during the American Revolution and also in the years leading all the way up to today. Sometimes, I think I take my freedom for granted, and don’t realize how much of a privilege it is to be free. This Fourth of July, I want to remember how much loss was endured for my gain and to use my freedom in the best way possible!


If you live in America, how are you celebrating July Fourth!

Megan Joy

7 thoughts on “Quote of the Week // 27th Week

  1. We aren’t doing much. Just chilling at the house. My grandma had her barbecue on Sunday. We were going to see fireworks but then it kept raining, and instead of rescheduling, they kept delaying it was past 12:30am (it was suppose to start at 9:45pm) and it still hadn’t started, though we had long left by then. Those who are given gifts, do not always know their true value. Freedom is definitely one of them. Great quote selection, Megan!! Happy Fourth!!

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  2. Megan this is such a nice tribute to our independence. Freedom is a gift, I feel we don’t sometimes appreciate. This was so good. Off topic, and I could be wrong but did you change something about your blog? Not the set up but main picture or something? I don’t know why but it looked different to me today 🙂 If not, apologies. Happy Independence day!

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    1. I did change something about the blog! I’m so surprised that somebody noticed! I switched the top header photo to a lighter shade of blue for the summer! Good eye! Thanks for commenting! Happy Independence Day to you, too!
      – Megan Joy

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