Quote of the Week // 21st Week

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Thomas Paine (1736 – 1809) was an American patriot and author of Common Sense, an important document that sparked changes in the American Revolution. This quote happens to come from Paine’s 1777 book, “The Crisis.” It is followed by, “What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly; ’tis dearness only that gives everything its value.”

Now Paine was, in this quote, referring to the American Revolution as his conflict, but for us, our conflicts may be dealing with sickness, job troubles, family matters, school problems, or a number of other things.

Hard times are pretty unavoidable in this world. All of us are going to run into many conflicts in our lives, and people are watching to see how we handle them. We can’t choose which conflict, how long the conflict, when the conflict, or how many conflicts will happen. What we can do is choose how we react to them, and once those conflicts are overcome, they turn into victories.

We can’t triumph unless we have something to overcome and these conflicts are our chance to learn, to grow, and to share it with others. It’s a chance to tackle a struggle and accomplish something in exchange!


Have you ever read Common Sense or The Crisis?

What is your conflict?

What is your triumph?


Megan Joy