Quote of the Week // 19th Week

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Excuses, excuses! This quote from George Washington was found in a reply letter to his niece, Harriet, in 1791. When Harriet made an excuse, and blamed her short and abrupt letter on someone else, Washington replied with this bit of wisdom.

No matter what, we have all given someone a bad excuse at least once in our lifetime. I know I have. It’s natural to want to defend ourselves in a situation in which blame may have a possibility of resting on our shoulders. Whether it’s an excuse to parents about why the chores were never done, to a friend about a borrowed and lost item, to a teacher about a late project, or to a boss about a failed task, trying to lay blame on someone else isn’t the best option. Sometimes, we are entitled to that blame, and need to accept it.

Apologizing instead of making excuses shows that we are able to take responsibility for our own actions and are sensible enough not to point fingers just to get out of trouble. So the next time a bad excuse is about to creep into the situation, remember what our dear old George once wrote and don’t let the blame be passed in the wrong direction.


What do you think about bad excuses?

Do you agree with what Washington said?

Megan Joy

9 thoughts on “Quote of the Week // 19th Week

  1. I agree. Bad excuses are sometimes an insult, a slap in the face. Yet we’ve all made them. It’s also sometimes the cowardly way out of something. Apologizing or being straight up would benefit you and the other person or situation much more

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  2. Wow, that is so true! Bad excuses will only get us into more and more trouble. I remember when I was little telling the truth more than not because I knew that I would get in worse trouble for lying than what I had done!
    Claire Rachel ❤


    1. I grew up the same way! Lying would get me into more trouble then the bad thing I did! Now, I’m really thankful my parents raised me that way! Thanks for commenting!
      – Megan Joy


  3. I love quotes too 🙂 what a great one to pick! I got to say your pictures are beautiful, and your blog looks so interesting. I too love the vintage look, a time when things were quieter, and slower. Thanks for checking out my blog, I was trying to find some new bloggers today. You’re a blessing.

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