Quote of the Week // 13th Week

Quote of the Week - 13th Week Simply Megan Joy Blog.png

I love this quote. It makes me want to fly to a pen and paper and scribble down the depiction of a faraway land of poppies fields and mountains of pines. The thing about creative writing is that you can travel any place and make anything you wish, whether real or not. If you want to construct a whole world of poppies fields and mountains of pines, go ahead! Nothing can stop you. (Unless you lose your pencil.) But other than that, you can create anything you wish with words. C.S. Lewis knew all about creating anything he imagined through his writings. As long as we know how to imagine, (and write) we can jot down things no one has ever pondered before!


Are you a writer?

Do you like the writings of C.S. Lewis?


Megan Joy

2 thoughts on “Quote of the Week // 13th Week

  1. I’ve actually never heard that quote, but it is amazing! It’s cool that C.S. Lewis said that, too, because I really admire him. ๐Ÿ™‚

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