Quote of the Week // 8th Week

Only one more month until spring! Sorry, but I think I’m obsessed and can’t stop thinking about springtime.

Quote of the Week - 8th Week Simply Megan Joy Blog.png

Mary Delariver Manley was born in the mid-1600s and her saying is still being used today daily. This quote reminds me that I shouldn’t just say “Oh, I’ll do that tomorrow” or “Maybe later.” There really isn’t a time like the present. Once it’s here it won’t ever come again. It happens once and then it’s gone. So I shouldn’t wait to get things done, lag when there’s something to do, or just postpone it altogether. If there’s a chance to do something good, productive, helpful, or beneficial, we should probably take the chance and most likely, we won’t be sorry for doing it. God is proud of us when we use our time wisely and to be productive, like when we choose to finish our schoolwork before we watch our favorite movie, or wash the dishes before going to a friend’s house.

But, this doesn’t just go for chores and schoolwork. This goes for everything else in life, too, like speaking up for what you believe. There’s no time like the present to speak the truth about a matter, whether it be with friends or strangers.

So remember – there’s no time like the present to get something done, speak up, or start something new!


Do you find it hard to get stuff done or do you complete it right away?


Megan Joy

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