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Welcome back! This is the first post of my new fashion series “Sunday Bests!” This series will be filled with the outfits I wear to church on Sundays. Some of them will be fully vintage while others will be vintage inspired. I may not be able to post for this series every week, but I will try! I hope you find some inspiration in this series!

3 Denim Flare, Simply Megan Joy Blog.jpg

  This is one of my favorite fall and winter dresses. It fits just right, looks vintage, and weighs about thirty pounds! Ok, maybe not thirty, but it is heavy! It’s not quite a full-circle skirt, but it still works well for twirling. I couldn’t wear it for the longest time because I didn’t have any cuff-links for the sleeves. Without them, the sleeves just stay open and look sloppy. I found a pair of golden horse cuff-links at a flea market that were perfect for this dress. To finish off the outfit, I added a brown belt with a gold buckle (to match the cuff-links) and my new blue denim ballet slippers. I LOVE THESE SHOES! I got them on clearance at Target and have been aching to wear them with this dress! They are utterly dazzling, I think! Unfortunately, they aren’t very good for dancing as they are very flat, stiff, and quite pointy at the toe. Nevertheless, I adore them!

11 Denim Flare, Simply Megan Joy Bog.jpg


This dress is quite plain and I didn’t add a lot of accessories to it, so it stayed nice and simple.







Hope you enjoyed these photos! Having sisters who can take good photos is delightful. Thanks, Sissies!

Dress: thrifted

Shoes: Target

Belt and cuff-links: thrifted

Headband: Michaels


Do you like to dress up plain outfits or leave them simple?


Megan Joy

3 thoughts on “Sunday Bests / / Denim Flare

  1. I didn’t read the Princess Bride till I was 13, almost 14. I helped a yellow flag sale (yard sale) my church did. And towards the end I was just sitting down waiting for my mom. And the pastor’s wife handed me that book cause it was one of the books on the table. I finished that book in two days. It captured me, and I was completely fooled with the trick the author pulls, “Old story his father told him.”

    The shoes are so elegant looking 🙂

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